There’s rich, there’s extremely rich, and then there’s the uber-rich world of the Asians starring in Netflix’s latest reality show, Bling Empire


Bling Empire follows the lives of seven billionaires and millionaires (Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Kim Lee, Jaime Xie, Kane, Guy Tang, Kelly) and one ‘nillionaire’ (Kevin Kreider), as they go through one fancy party after the other, all the while managing personal challenges. 


And if you thought Crazy Rich Asians was a fictional story, then let these ‘rich people’ moments from the show set you clear: 

1. When Christine Chiu shut down Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills, for her child’s first Chinese New Year. Oh, and the Chiu family also sponsored one child in China for every guest that attended. 

Not exactly the same as making a booking at a restaurant a month in advance! 

2. When Christine revealed, casually, that she and Anna first met on a flight where they were having caviar in their PJs. Like every person on a flight… not. 

3. When Jaime revealed that her horses (yes, plural), fly Emirates! 

*Wonder if they prefer the window seat?*

4. For Kelly’s birthday, Anna wanted to take Kelly to her favourite restaurant. Anna’s favourite restaurant happened to be in Paris. So of course, the only logical solution for Anna was to fly Kelly, and her boyfriend Andrew, to Paris. 

5. When multiple luxury stores in Paris, including Boucheron, shut down for the public, so Anna and her friends could shop. 

6. When Anna bought a ring from Boucheron for Kelly as a birthday gift. The cheapest ring from Boucheron costs $1,000. For the one that Anna bought, the price is on request, of course. 

Oh, in case what they showed on-screen wasn’t ‘bling enough’, here’s a little BTS trivia – Anna even got Versailles to shut down so that Andrew and Kelly could have a private tour. 

7. When Jaime revealed the monthly rent of her house. 

When Kevin, the only non-millionaire in the group, reveals the rent he pays for a shared apartment, Jaime is quick to remind him what all can be bought in that amount. In Jaime’s world, it amounts to a big, fat nothing. 

8. When Anna gifted Dior products, worth thousands of dollars, to Kevin just like that. No special occasion needed. 

Oh, and in case you missed it, Anna doesn’t go to Dior, Dior comes to Anna! 

*Googles how to become friends with rich, generous people.*

9. When Christine organizes a professional modeling photoshoot for her 1-year-old baby, Baby G.

And then invites Kevin, who is a professional model, to ‘train’ Baby G. Mo money, mo parental pressure? 

10. When Kevin discovers the prices of the ingredients Jessey is planning to buy to make a soup for his girlfriend, Cherie. 

Irrespective of which ingredients finally made it to the bowl, Kevin is right.

*Watching it while dipping Parle-G in “kaali chai”.*

11. When Kane books an entire bowling alley so that his friends can settle their differences. 

I’d fight my friends on purpose, if I could get a bowling alley to myself. But who’d buy me bowling skills? *Sigh*

12. When Kane reveals that his shoes are anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000, or more. 

13. When Christine and Dr. Chiu host a party that doesn’t just offer a cocktail bar, but also, a botox bar and ass and vaginal tightening session. 

As Christine explains, it’s because Dr. Chiu is a plastic surgeon and his hospital got a new machine. As I understand, it’s because ameeron ke shauk ajeeb hote hain.

14. Literally, everything that was a part of Baby G’s first birthday party, including a claw machine with Gucci products. 

Not to mention the sizeable, charitable donation that was perhaps done with not-so-noble intentions. 

15. When Anna hosts a ‘Diamonds are Forever’ party for her French best friend, Florent, and gifts him a diamond bracelet. 

This is on top of the birthday week, yes week, that Anna hosts for Florent. 

16. When Christine charters a private jet for her and her friends to go to Las Vegas, where they’ve been invited to ‘shop till they drop’. 

17. When Christine and Kane dismiss Jaime’s $40,000 as ‘chump change’. 

18. When Cherie hosts a 100-day party for her newborn son, who is 100 days old. And the ‘party’ could rival a Royal Ball. 

Finally got an answer to kyun paisa paisa karti hai!

All images from Netflix, unless specified otherwise.