For most of us desi people who grew up in the 90s, there were only a handful of channels for entertainment. With popular channels like Doordarshan, television commercials managed to grab people’s attention. 


Whether it was the prevalent ‘Action Ka School Time’ advertisement commercial that left all the 90s kids humming to its tune or the ‘Lijjat’s Kurram Kurram’ jingle that left people dancing to its theme. This list of iconic advertisements will take you down the memory lane that every 90s kid grew up watching.

1. Parle’s Melody Toffee

Since this advertisement came out in 1994, the question “Why is Melody so chocolatey?” remains part of a continuing debate. With the right concoction of gooey chocolate and chewy caramel, this is one of the oldest candies. This advertisement simply reminds us of the days having your teeth coated with a layer of chocolate.

2. Hero-Honda’s Bike

Back in 1985, Hero-Honda promoted their first four-stroke bike with a young Salman Khan who can be seen riding the bike on a long-distance route. Over the period of years, this bike became extremely popular and one of the largest selling motorcycles in the Indian market. 

3. Archie’s Greeting Cards

Be it a birthday, anniversary or farewell, every occasion was incomplete without gifting an Archies greeting card. This advertisement from 1991 will surely revive your old memories.

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4. Amul’s Doodh

Amul’s ‘Doodh Doodh’ was a jingle from the 90s that reminded us that it’s definitely possible to be healthy and hip at the very same time. 

5. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate

Featuring the gorgeous Shimona Rashi munching on a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar during a cricket match, this television commercial changed the perception that chocolates were only for children and expanded their product’s target audience.

6. Zandu Balm

Showcasing the pure love between a mother and her daughter, this was probably the first ‘Peera Hari’ advertisement jingle by Zandu Balm we remember humming as toddlers.

7. LML’s Freedom Bike

When we all desired to get a LML motorbike ride with SRK.

8. Sudrop’s Sunflower Oil

Are you craving for those piping hot pooris and gulab jamuns? SO ARE WE.

9. Pan Pasand’s Toffee

When you could get married to the love of your life because of Pan Pasand. Ah, good old days.

10. Swad

From birthdays and picnics to school, a throwback to the times when you could pop Swad in your mouth and digest everything.

11. Bajaj’s Kawasaki Caliber

Back in 1998, the Indo-Japanese duo launched this commuter bike featuring Vidya Balan. Known for its bulletproof reliability, the Caliber later became popular as the ‘Hoodibaba Bike’.

12. Liril’s Soap Bar

Priety Zinta gave us some major shower goals.

13. Hero Honda’s Karizma Bike

Thanks to the former brand ambassador of Hero Honda, Hrithik Roshan, this motorcycle became a youth icon back in the day. Karizma was one of the most popular bikes and this particular advertisement became quite famous.

14. Maggi

*BRB, making a bowl of this scrumptious slurpy heaven*

15. Pepsi

One of the best ads on Indian television? DAMN YAS.

16. Cadbury’s Bytes

It doesn’t matter where you are, nobody can ever resist taking a bite of Cadbury Bytes. We couldn’t agree more!

17. Kellogg’s Chocos

Being one of the most popular cereals across the length and breadth of the nation, Kellogg’s Chocos singlehandedly launched the concept of cornflakes as a breakfast cereal. Do you remember its popular mascot Chocos the Bear?

18. Rasna

Being a universal soft drink that was served at home and at large gatherings during the 90s, Rasna entered the market when carbonated drinks like Coke and Limca dominated the Indian market.

19. Prudent’s Mouth Wash

Supposedly came out in 1993, this advertisement featured young Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She plays the character of an attendee at a party, who shows her disgust when veteran actor Jalal Agha drinks a blend made out of garlic, onions and vinegar. However, she is amazed by his breath after he tries the mouthwash later.

20. Thums Up

This rare Thums Up television commercial featuring Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri and Sandeep Patil came in 1985.

21. Dairy Milk’s Chocolate

Khaane Waale Ko Khaane Ka Bahana Chahiye” – Do you remember this advertisement featuring Cyrus Broacha?

22. Pepsi

Do you remember this advertisement when Aish played the hot-girl-next-door? Shot way back in 1993, a year before winning the beauty pageant that set the stage for her acting career, Aish filmed this ad with Aamir Khan and Mahima Chaudhary.

23. Cinthol’s Soap Bar

Remember this old Cinthol soap advertisement, featuring King Khan Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan? Such a cute couple.

24. Fair & Lovely’s Fairness Cream

Juhi Chawla not only reigned over Bollywood for over a decade with her marvellous performance but also ruled the advertisement world. This commercial is proof!

25. Frooti

Remember the jingle ‘Mango Frooti, Fresh & Juicy?’ Attracting the kids and youth of the country, Frooti has been one of India’s favourite mango-based drink.

What can we say? India had the catchiest advertisements ever. Jingle all the way!