If one would be asked to define India in three words, they would be, “What the fuck?” Our country is full of crazy and hilarious things. Our signboards are no exception. Here are just a few of the most WTF signboards you’ll see only in India

1. I’ll have my tea in liquid form please. And please, no logic.

2. You can almost hear it in your head.

3. Hotel Google. I wonder what a Google search will throw up?

4. I could really use a Child Bear right now.

5. Now this is what you call a multi-speciality hospital.

6. A truly international fruit stall.

7. No alcohole allowed.

8. Bugger off, Baggers.

9. Looks like someone took a dump on this one.

10. Plane Paint. It’s the “In” thing this season.

11. Thanks. Who needs Google Maps?

12. Are you an “animals” type man?

13. Full power sexism.

14. This is a “Bar Bar” Shop. You have to come here again and again.

15. Shake your Buty Lades…

16. Oh Snap!

17. Okay. If you say so.

18. Cum, take a bath.

19. Happy Endings Guaranteed.

20. Silence of the psychos.

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