Finally, it’s the year 2021. Yes, it’s been 21 years since we shouted “dekho 2000 zamana aa gaya”, and there’s no denying it that it’s not just the 90s kids who’re old now. Even the 2000s babies are old now. Hell, even these movies are officially old now: 

1. Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai

Can you ever be old enough to forget Hrithik’s dance moves? No! So sing along, ae mere dil tu gaaye ja


2. Gladiator

There are period dramas, and then there is Gladiator


3. Erin Brokovich

Moving away from traditional rom-coms, Roberts gave the performance of a lifetime in this brilliant biopic. 

Empire Online

4. Mohabbatein

Here’s to 21 years of Parampara, Pratishtha aur Anushasan. 

Zee News

5. Hera Pheri

“Hello, Kabira speaking”, to let you know that even 21 years later, the memes are going strong. 

Daily Hunt

6. Cast Away

Two decades later, Tom Hanks’ evocative performance is still fresh in our minds.  

Hollywood Reporter

7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The OG action thriller that made us fall in love with Ang Lee’s cinematic vision. 


8. Josh

Before Marvel’s Civil War there was the battle between Bichhoo vs. Eagle gangs in the film that defined swag before swag was a thing, Josh


9. Astitva

One of Bollywood’s earliest feminist tales that attacked patriarchy and toxic masculinity, Astitva is a drama that sadly, remains relevant even today. 


10. Dhadkan

21 years later the biggest mystery still remains Dev becoming a millionaire in 3 years

11. Final Destination

The film that launched the twisted horror franchise, Final Destination will always, always, remains the stuff of our nightmares. 


12. Mela

If you listen closely, you can still hear Aamir Khan screaming “Roopaaaaaa”. Then again, no one’s trolled the film more than Roopa in the last 21 years, so we guess it’s okay. 

India Today

13. American Pyscho

The ultimate proof of Christian Bale’s acting prowess, I doubt anyone has ever understood the film in just one viewing. 


14. Mission Kashmir

If Bhumro and Rind Posh Maal starting playing in your head the moment you read the movie title, then you, my friend, are officially old. A brilliant, memorable soundtrack indeed. 


15. Pukar

Let’s admit it, we’ve all tried to recreate, and failed, the steps to Kay Sera Sera

India TV News

16. Raju Chacha

The kid in me is still waiting for that train serving food on the table. Not like the adult me would say no to that house either! 


17. Gone in 60 seconds

High-speed car chases, luxury cars, and Nicolas Cage being our favourite on-screen criminal. Of course, it’s a classic! 


18. X-Men

Today keeping track of the series might prove to be a task but who can forget the film that launched the other Marvel cinematic universe. 

Cinema Blend

19. Meet The Parents

Nothing says classic American comedy like Ben Stiller being hapless, adorable, and altogether wonderful. 


20. Charlie’s Angels

No one will ever be as badass as the Charlie’s Angels. 

21. Miss Congeniality

She’s beauty and she’s grace… and you don’t mess with her! Miss Congeniality, indeed. 


‘Do you feel old, punk? Well, do ya?’