2020 was good for a month and then, it has been an epic shit fest. So, here are some of the most memorable, hilarious scenes from Bollywood, because we all could do with some mid-year cheer: 

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: ‘Diamond Biscuit’ jingle 

Few things in life are as universal, or hilarious, as your friends teasing you. Just like it happened with Imran when his friends recited the now-famous jingle he wrote. You’re singing it now, aren’t you? 

2. Dil Dhadakne Do: ‘E-puke’ conversation  

Let me start by saying, we’ve all been there after a night of too much drinking. And we all know someone who, in the situation, will spring vomit jokes faster than actual vomit. Barfield FTW!

3. Munnabhai M.B.B.S: Circuit procures ‘study material’ for Munna

When most of the scenes from the film have become memes, it’s hard to pick just one scene. But, while most friends lend you notes, Circuit got Munna a real-live body. Imported thi toh kya. 

4. Hera PheriEvery scene with Baburao Ganpatrao 

It is impossible to pick just one scene from the film because every time Baburao Ganpatrao appeared on the screen, laughs followed. 

5. Go Goa Gone: Boris reveals his real identity

India’s first zombie comedy proved, that once a Delhiite, always a Delhiite. 

6. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: ‘Rock Chick’ car ride

Okay, Mushi Mushi, Doordarshan’s tune, and Bwoys were also considered. But, three boys and a girl singing “I am rock chick“, after a near-accident, is the spirit in which I want to deal with 2020. 

7. Dil Chahta Hai: Akash pranks Sameer 

“Ya toh yeh dosti gehri hai, ya yeh photo 3D hai” is a great dialogue. But, this is the scene that wins. Because, there is mischievous. And then there is plain old harami. We all know which category Akash belongs to. 

8. Dil Chahta Hai: Sameer’s Goa story 

Sameer learns two lessons from his Goa trip – don’t fall in love with the first stranger you meet in Goa. Truck rides are hard on your bum. 

9. Andaz Apna Apna: Paying the ransom money

Amar and Prem come to rescue their girlfriends’ father/uncle and end up telling the kidnapper how flawed his kidnapping plan is. Enough said!


10. 3 Idiots: Khujli wali roti 

There has never been a scene more disgusting, yet hilarious, than the moment where Raju’s mother serves a special roti to his friends. 


11. 3 Idiots: Rancho’s definition of books 

Let’s just say, these are the kind of explanations that helped me pass the essay-style questions during Board examination. 

12. Ishq: Pipe-crossing 

Raja was teaching Ajay that life mein teen cheezon ke peeche kabhi nahi bhagna chahiye. Raja should have taught Ajay that pipes are not for crossing. 

13. Welcome: Dead-man walking (RDX’s son is alive)

Undoubtedly the most ‘miraculous’ scene on the ist. 


14. Uday selling potatoes from Welcome

Majnu bhai had paintings. But Uday bhai had salesman skills. Also the scene that gave us the quote for 2020, seh lenge thoda. 

15. Jab We Met: Geet’s response to station master 

After an eventful night that causes her to miss her train, the last thing Geet needed was useless advice from a stranger. Thanks to her, we all know what to say when someone offers ‘advice’ we could do well without. 

16. Jab We Met: Geet abuses Ayushmann

We’ve all wanted to pick up the phone and tell someone, tadpega tu kaminey, among other things. Maybe this is the year to do it. 

17. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron: Recreation of Mahabharat

One of the finest comedies ever made, every scene from the film is memorable in its own right. But, there will never be a better, or more hilarious, recreation of Mahabharat’s gamble scene, than this one. 


18. Bhool Bhulaiyya: Chote Pandit’s fear of water 

Bhool Bhulaiyya was an unexpectedly intelligent horror-comedy. But, this scene is one of the finest from the film, thanks to Akshay Kumar and Rajpal Yadav’s impeccable comic-timing. 

19. Golmaal Fun Unlimited: Black x Golmaal Crossover 

Before multiple sequels ruined the film, Golmaal was the kind of slapstick comedy you actually enjoyed. And Arsha Warsi, impersonating Black’s protagonist, proves it. 

20. Delhi Belly: Package mix-up

Thanks to Vijay Raaz’s deadpan expressions and his lackey’s obvious statement, even the oldest trope of package mix-up became unexpectedly hilarious. Of course, the film is also memorable for ruining orange juice and laundry service. 

21. Lage Raho Munnabhai: On-air quiz on Mahatama Gandhi

If it comes to who responds faster between Google and the professor, I’d place my bets on the professor. 


22. Stree: “Vicky, please”

“Love at first eyesight” can only exist if your crush says, “please”. I don’t make the rules, Vicky does. Ab seekho prem bhav. 

23. Tanu Weds Manu Returns: Pappi Ji’s Q&A round 

If you think your Viva or job interview is not going well, take a leaf out of Pappi Ji’s seminar skills. Also, can we just admit that anything Deepak Dobroyal touches, i.e. portrays, turns into gold? 

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24. Waqt: The Race Against Time: Laxman and Nattu Bhai’s phone call 

Come to think of it, 2020 appears to be the personification of Laxman from Waqt.


Of course, there are more scenes that can be added to the list. Let us know the ones that you want to add in the comments section below.