We, as a people are very creative. And that shows in the content we create. Now, if you have been on the internet, like ever, then you have definitely come across some of the most over-top, ridiculous, cringe videos from Indian movies and TV shows. We just decided to put a rank on them, from mildly weird to ‘WTF did I just see?’ 

35. 3 people, just because they are twins get to do this weird threesome blood transfusion to save their mom in Amar Akbar Anthony. Cos screw science, right? 

34. Hrithik Roshan’s character gets fake hairy legs and claws to frighten Kareena’s friends in Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon

33. I don’t know the context either. But they must be dead serious about something. 

32. The filmmakers of Jajantaram Mamantaram won’t allow us to embed the video. But you can check it out here. In this reimagined version of Gulliver Travels, two giants basically wrestle while tiny people watch. You’ll have to see this to understand. 


31. KRK just doesn’t die in Deshdrohi. Like, he takes a lot of time. 

30. *Just a lot of poker face emojis*. This has flying cars and bikes. I mean, Rohit Shetty has nothing on this

29. I mean, they made his sensei look Asian for some weird reason. Ajay Devgn learns Kung Fu to avenge his family here but this just looks like bad racist stuff to me. 

28. God damn, Mithun da! Chill out, man. I can’t explain a lot of what is happening here. Perhaps, God can. 

27. John Abraham flexes and a tire’s molecules just give up. I guess, that’s normal. 

26. Idk why people in the 80s thought Mithun looked like he knew martial arts. But 50 years later, here we are.  

25. This lady mistakenly got inside a suitcase and travelled the world and nobody noticed. 

24. We have a crippling fear of gay people but bestiality is cool. A gorilla falls in love with a woman on this show. 

23. Why does it always have to be a lizard? I tried to explain this but the words just won’t come out. 

22. This is the most scientific thing, Indian TV has done since the 2000s. One of them becomes a tiger and the other guy becomes a bull and they fight. 

21. I don’t even know where this is from. It’s just funny. But this is like Hogwarts or something. 

20. Man, Singham was a whole trip, if you ignore the police brutality. 

19. That time when Gita Biswas saved Shaktimaan because she knew MS Paint. 

18. The filmmakers banned people from embedding the video. So you can just check it out on YouTube. Terminator + The Matrix = Jaani Dushman


17. I mean, I get the vibe they are going for but Aamir Khan just slaps someone’s head off. 

16. What just happened? The man has Jedi reflexes. Clearly, he’s one with the force. 

15. That’s a 4-headed snake woman with slits for eyes. 

14. Oh, yeah LMAO! This woman got accidentally married cos sindoor fell on her head. 

13. It’s obvious, she wrapped the curtain around her own neck. Can’t blame the old lady. 

12. How can we ever forget this iconic moment when Gopi bahu just washed a laptop?


11. Rajni sir takes the cake, every time. 

10. There’s a lot of rolling around and somehow people are flying. 

9. If all white people weren’t racist, Mithun Da’s would have at least won a Golden Globe. Them nunchuks though!

8. The man is hiding behind a cycle. And it works. Nobody can get a shot at him. 

7. It’s this high up the order just because it has Aamir Khan in it.  He asks a snake to suck it. This is a literal translation. 

6. Holy mother of god! She survived a headshot. There’s a hole in her head. And she’s still walking. 

5. I can hear the same music X-Men used for Quicksilver. Zack Snyder uses less slow-motion than this in his fims. 

4. Fast & Furious, 50 ft of shite and then this scene from Race 2, where they jump from a plane on a car and escape with parachutes attached to said car

3. Why don’t soldiers have this tech? I mean, the dude just bounced a bullet of his tummy. 

2. Everything is a weapon. Everything. Even a banana. 

1. Nothing will ever come close to this heart surgery from Singham 123.  

People actually got paid really well to make all this. All of them.