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Since time immemorial humans have adapted several ways to relax their minds in this maddening world. Be it turning to music, dance, playing an instrument, or running around a field till our lungs explode. However, you’d be fascinated to know that the latest way to relax in this day and age, is listening to blood-curdling true crime podcasts! 

Being a true-crime fanatic myself, I stan this method that promises peak relaxation! And of course, I was ecstatic when Spotify dropped their latest, ‘Gangistan‘ featuring actors Pratik Gandhi, Saiyami Kher, and Dayashankar Pandey. 

 And here are 5 reasons it will be worth your time. 

1. The blend of fiction and true crime.

This head-spinning audio series is inspired by Mumbai’s gritty gang culture, and infamous crime syndicates from the 1960s and beyond. The highlight of the podcast is how seamlessly they’ve managed to blend fiction with true crime. If you close your eyes and listen, you’ve got a 48 part movie right there. 

2. The voices. 

A podcast is nothing if the hosts do not have the capacity to keep their audience entranced. And this one passes with flying colours. The fictional Hindi podcast narrates the story of the city’s underbelly, based on acclaimed crime journalist Aashu Patel’s true reports, voiced by Pratik Gandhi. Aashu Patel is determined to uncover the scummy truth of Mumbai with two unusual acquaintances, an encounter cop, voiced by Saiyami Kher, and the ghost of a small-time goon, voiced by Dayashankar Pandey.

3. A deep-dive into the underworld.

The audio series does a great job at deep-diving into the not so glamorous parts of Mumbai. From bodies being discovered by fishermen, to details of a horrible incident that sparked the gang wars, the audience is left stunned every 15 minutes as the hosts walk us through Mumbai’s underworld.

4. The background score. 

The hallmark of a good audio series is its background score. Undoubtedly, Anant Krishnan did a pretty good job with this one. The background score for ‘Gangistan’ fits perfectly, adding layers of intrigue, charm, and an ambience to each episode, transporting the audience to the centre of where the action’s taking place. 

5. The twists and turns. 

Despite being a fictional podcast based on true events, the writer, Heer Khant did not shy away from sprinkling some extra drama and twists into the plot. Almost every episode ends on a cliffhanger, compelling one to swipe to the next episode. Khant’s style is leaving everything out in the open with the character of Pappu and what he has to say. It’s then for us to connect the dots and come to jaw-dropping conclusions. 

So, my fellow podcast lovers, if you haven’t already, indulge in the first 14 episodes out of the 48-parter on Spotify here. Also, don’t forget to check out the trailer down below, and get your true-crime loving juices flowing!