Netflix’s latest mini-series Unorthodox has just four parts and a total of four hours worth of content that can be wrapped up in less than a day. Making this show, the binge-worthy content you didn’t know you needed.  

If you haven’t watched it yet, here are all the reasons you shouldn’t miss it:

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1. It Doesn’t Ask You To Pity The Lead Character


19-year-old Etsy, brilliantly played by Shira Haas, runs away from the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community she was born and raised in. She is in a loveless marriage and her truth, despite living in Brooklyn, is very different from the modern world we are used to. However, you don’t pity her for a second. You find yourself cheering her on, hoping she finds happiness, but she isn’t and she never pretends to be, a damsel in distress. 

2. Though Etsy Is Different, She Could Be Anyone 

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The first time she meets her husband, Etsy tells him she’s ‘different’. However, being different is what makes Etsy so relatable. Her different isn’t out of the box, loud, blaring from the speakers. Her different is for everyone who wants to follow their heart and every woman who feels oppressed. 

3. The Religious Customs Aren’t Simplified For Viewers

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Through the show, we see glimpses of the Hasidic Jewish community, their customs and rules. But never once are they explained, disrupting the flow of the show. The scenes are natural and raw, like the one in which Etsy has to get her head shaved, like women in the community are expected to. Young girls crying next to her and her own tears are enough for viewers to understand her emotions. 

4. It Manages To Strike The Perfect Balance – Showing Us Two Sides Of The Same Coin


“God expected too much of me,” said Etsy when asked why she ran away from her community. Through the show, you see different versions of Etsy’s life, but neither of them are portrayed as villains. The grey nature of almost everyone in the community makes it surreal. 

5. Aaron Altaras As Robert 


This gorgeous German actor playing the role of Robert, the man behind Etsy’s sexual awakening is probably one of the main reasons you should be watching this show. We’re glad we found him.