There’s no doubt that the autocorrect feature in our smartphones is one of the most advantageous yet devious features of all time. While it does work well most of the time and serves its true purpose, at times, it results in absurd outcomes.

Here are some times when autocorrect messed up the words and sentences while writing, and left us with nothing but regret and laughs. Read on.

Credits: Twitter

1. Paneer ‘Lababdar’ Misspelt As Paneer ‘Labrador’.

Nandita Iyer, author and columnist, shared a picture on her social media account showcasing the dangerous results of using the autocorrect feature. In the image, a restaurant misspelt the popular dish, paneer lababdar’ as ‘labrador’, a breed of dog. 

2. Master Bedroom? More Like A ‘Matter’ Bedroom.

Shanta Sakkubai, a social media user, took to her social media account and shared how her autocorrect changed the word ‘master bedroom’ to ‘matter bedroom’. To add more to her embarrassment, she forwarded the text as it is ahead.

3. When Shashi Tharoor, The OG English Professor, Also Made A Typo.

Shashi Tharoor and the flawless English language go hand-in-hand like pasta and garlic bread. However, his autocorrect feature ditched him, as well, blessing us with a meme fest across social media platforms. While talking about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati and its controversial release, the politician left his followers scratching their heads with the words ‘thang hoog hats’ in his tweet. Later, he revealed that he actually made a typographical error and it meant ‘than goonghats’.

4. Rabid Sweets? No, Thank You!

A bunch of us attend weddings just for the food, including me, because how can we ignore those scrumptious dishes and sweets, right? However, it would be horrendous if we ever saw a sweet infused with the word ‘rabid’.

Credits: Twitter

5. Just Mahira Khan & Her Mum Having Servere Autocorrect Issues.

We all have had a conversation with someone over text messages where we couldn’t get the correct word or sentence at once and had to share a series of messages, right? Well, the actor and her mother faced the exact same ordeal. As per her screengrab, it took her three tries to get the correct word across. On the other hand, her mother’s response, which is another autocorrect fail, started a laugh riot.

Credits: Twitter

Unfortunately, we all have been there.