Every Indian households’ favorite reality show, Bigg Boss 16, has something interesting happening every minute of every day. Which is why there are so many instances of BB contestants getting punished by Bigg Boss himself!

Bigg Boss 16, Punished
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So here, take a look at all the times the BB housemates have been schooled by Bigg Boss:

1. When Sajid Khan smoked inside the house.

As we all know, recently, Sajid Khan, MC Stan and Ankit Gupta were caught smoking inside the house, even after being warned multiple times. This time around though Bigg Boss finally spoke up and gave them all final and stern scolding for it.

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2. When Archana Gautam retaliated against Bigg Boss’ task.

Recently, it was seen that Archana Gautam refused to take part in a task where contestants were told to splash water on each other. She even questioned Bigg Boss’ authority by saying that it was unfair to force her to participate. And as a result, Bigg Boss decided to punish the entire house!

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3. When Nimrit & Soundarya kept speaking in English despite the warnings.

The Bigg Boss house has one very strict, and clear rule. And that is to always speak in Hindi. But despite the warnings, Nimrit and Soundarya kept talking in English. So, as punishment, they were told to repeat a hilarious apology to Bigg Boss himself.

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4. When Archana & Priyanka kept sleeping during the day.

Some time back, Archana and Priyanka walked around the house banging plates, to disturb other housemates’ sleep. After which, Bigg Boss ordered Shiv (who was the captain then) to give them a befitting punshment. Shiv ordered Archana to head into the circular prison and confined Priyanka into a wooden box kept inside the garden area

Bigg Boss 16, Punished
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5. When Shalin Bhanot got very grumpy about his chicken requirements.

Bigg Boss gave Shalin Bhanot a good scolding when he got overbearing about his chicken requirements. But even after being scolded, he still continued. to ask for the amount of chicken he needs!

Bigg Boss 16, Punished

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Personally, I think Bigg Boss really needed to step in and intervene in these situations.