There have been many fights in the Bigg Boss house across all seasons. While some tiffs created an ugly rift between contestants, a few of them got resolved among the housemates in some time. Now, if we talk about Bigg Boss 16, the ongoing season of the show, we have witnessed a lot of jhagde in the house. And most of us believe that Archana Gautam is the sole aggressive contestant of this season.

Well, yeah, Archana has indulged in fights a lot of times but she is a wholesome entertainer unlike Tina Datta.

Tina is the most ladaku contestant of the Bigg Boss 16 house and we have six instances to back our opinion:

1. When Tina Datta vented out her frustration on Shiv over his betrayal and called him ‘gira hua insaan’

Tina Datta was recently competing against Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to become the next captain of the BB house. However, after Shiv Thakare chose Nimrit as the captain, Tina got upset and later she vented out her frustration on him in the nomination task. This happened after Shiv teased him by wishing her a happy birthday. “Gire hue neech insaan hai,” Tina said on the national television. Shiv then teased Tina more saying that she will receive a birthday gift and called her ‘dear’. “I am not your f**king dear. Go and dear your mother,” Tina slammed Shiv.

2. When Tina Datta fought with Priyanka over kitchen duties and referred to her as ‘phata hua tape recorder’

Tina Datta once locked horns with Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary over cooking in the kitchen. Tina, who had the responsibility to cook rice, had begun the fight by informing other housemates that they will have to wait for it as Priyanka has occupied the stove. “Abhi banane lag rahi ho, toh kahan se milega phir kisi ko time se,” Priyanka replied her. In a few seconds, Priyanka complained that Tina is not letting her make chapattis as she has kept the pan aside. “Phata hua tape recorder chalti rehti hai,” Tina said. “Aap apna bossypan kahin aur dikhayiye,” Priyanka hit back. To which, Tina was like: “I don’t care. I don’t care.

3. When Tina Datta got into a fight with the new captain Nimrit and called her ‘badtameez’

After Shiv chose Nimrit as the captain, Tina Datta spoke to both of them in the hall. “Toh matlab tum logon ne pehle se hi decide kiye the ki Nimrit captain banegi,” Tina said. During the argument, Nimrit replied, “Give 100 per cent in the task that is what we discussed.” However, Tina, who was not even a part of Nimrit and Shiv’s group, kept blaming them for not choosing her as the captain. Moreover, Nimrit was herself competing for captaincy. “Tum log dhokebaaz ho, jhuthe ho, fraud ho. Jaise hi captain bani badtameezi alag hi level pe.” Later, Tina said that she will make sure that Nimrit loses captaincy in three days.

4. When Tina Datta blasted Sumbul and called her ‘possessive’ for Shalin

Tina Datta frequently assassinates Sumbul Touqeer‘s character in the BB house. Remember when Tina bi*ched to Nimrit about how Sumbul was “checking out” Shalin Bhanot while he took his shirt off and added only she can see him doing it? But Tina got furious when Sumbul’s father spoke ill about her. Anyway, in an episode when Tina appeared to have accidentally hurt her leg, she called Sumbul “possessive” for not letting her speak to Shalin “Aayi badi dosti dikhane. Ask her to grow up man. Itna kya possessive hai tumko lekar. Ask her to calm the sh*t down…,” she was heard saying. While Tina demanded Sumbul to “grow up”, the fact that she speaks ill about not only Sumbul but Shalin too are proofs of her immature behaviour.

Many netizens noticed that Tina started walking properly after her fight with Sumbul and accused the Uttaran actress of having double standards and being fake.

Also, TV actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Devoleena Bhattacharjee lashed out at Tina Datta for degrading the image of Sumbul on national television. Check out her tweet:

5. When Tina Datta was at loggerheads with Soundarya Sharma over cooking and said ‘go to hell’

In an episode, Tina Datta picked up a fight with Soundarya Sharma over cooking dal coz’ the latter wasn’t feeling well. While Soundarya had begun preparing the food in the kitchen, Tina came in and asked her if she can help. Soundarya was visibly pissed off at Tina for her ‘agar bana leti toh kya jaata’ remark, the latter kept saying that she asked her give 10 minutes. When Soundarya brought the remark in the conversation, Tina said, “Tabhi maine bola kyunki aap chid-chid kar rahi thi aapko gas chahiye.” Their conversation soon turned into an ugly fight as Tina called her to “go to hell”. Soundarya added, “You go to hell. Don’t tell me to go to hell. I am not well isliye aapko bola tha banane ko.”

6. When Tina Datta tried to “manipulate” Shalin and Gautam against Sreejita

Who can forget Tina Datta’s decade-long rivalry with now-evicted Bigg Boss 16 housemate and Uttaran co-star, Sreejita De? Here’s what Sreejita said about Tina post her eviction.

“In some episodes, I saw that Tina was bitching about me. She was constantly trying to manipulate Shalin or Gautam, telling them that they were her friends and that she does not like when they sit with me. She said a lot of faltu ki and nonsensical things about me. I knew this also because she has been talking similar things about me for the last 10 years. But I did not know that she is such an idiot that she will continue talking about the same things in a reality show too,” Sreejita told News 18.

Image credits: Free Press Journal/Bigg Boss 16

Tina Datta has been called out for character assassinating Sumbul along with her double standards, fakeness, back-bi*ching, and manipulative skills. What more do we need to conclude that Tina is the real vamp of the BB house?

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