Out of the many things that Bigg Boss 16 is being talked about in households, it’s the hilarious tasks that the contestants are given that really entertain us. I mean, has anybody else felt that it’s epic for grown-ups to do tasks that are incredibly childish, all while getting the chance to talk sh*t about each other?

Bigg Boss 16, Tasks
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Yes? Well, that’s why we’ve compiled all the funny AF tasks the BB16 housemates have done. Here, take a look for yourself.

1. Stabbing each other with knives in the back.

This was for a nomination task, but what a creative (and super entertaining) way to release negative thoughts about a person you’ve been living with.

2. Mock shooting each other while talking sh*t.

Another nomination task, but if you ask me, it was a little over-the-top. I mean talk about being melodramatic on national television.

3. Shiv and Nimrit’s captaincy task resembling a game of tag.

If they wanted to take their mind off the drama and fights so much, they could have also played a game of chhuppan chhuppai. But either way, this was epic to watch.

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4. Sitting inside a skull and giving other housemates tasks.

You have to give it to the show for the innovative set design for these tasks, but damn, the drama that comes along with these is hilarious. I mean look at this argument that broke out between Priyanka and Nimrit!

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5. Giving constructive criticism by telling housemates ‘Dimag ki batti jalaao.’

I guess this is one way of communicating with someone and telling them that they’re very freakin’ wrong about something.

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6. Choosing roommates with a maalgaadi, what a way to pick roomies!

This was one of the first tasks ever and who would’ve guessed the contestants would’ve gotten to choose roommates in such a fun way?

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At least the drama of being in the house is being balanced out with these tasks, maybe they lighten things up?