Chase away those mid-week blues because Friday is just a day away. It’s time to binge some adorable romantic comedies that instantly lift your mood. 

1. Love 

Two people who are completely different from each other fall in love by chance. With three seasons, this show is cute, quirky and definitely a fun watch. 

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2. What If (The F Word) 

Starring Zoe Kazan and Daniel Radcliffe in lead roles, this movie about a young man with a lot of baggage and a woman who is already in a relationship, who fall in love is a classic rom com. 

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Seventh Row

3. He’s Just Not That into You

This classic romantic comedy talking about the love lives of different women across all walks of life makes for a perfect mid-week watch. 

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Daily News

4. Jane The Virgin 

Jane Villanueva’s life changes drastically once she gets pregnant though artificial insemination. With 5 seasons to binge, you’ll fall in love with all the characters on this show. 

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5. Main Hoon Na

When has this movie ever left you feeling anything but warm and fuzzy? Also, it is always a delight to watch Sushmita Sen on-screen. 

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6. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

This K drama is undoubtedly one of the best out there. A boss realises that he can’t afford to lose his favourite secretary when she decides to quit her job. And he’ll go to any lengths to keep her around. 

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All you love you need!