Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars and actors in our country. He’s not only loved for his talent, but for his humility and just how much of a gentleman he is. The actor is a prime example of good manners and how to treat people with respect.
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This is why we’ve compiled a list of all the times SRK only made us fall more in love with him with how well-mannered he is. Here take a look:

1. When he talked about how he speaks to women.

In this interview, he says that he prefers speaking to women with a certain kind of gentleness, much more formally, and with a lot of warmth. And it’s just mesmerizing to see how much he holds on to his integrity with his words.

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2. When he bows his head while meeting fans.

This isn’t a rare occurrence, SRK is usually seen bowing his head while placing his hand on his heart when he meets larger crowds of fans. It’s just so pure of him to greet people with such respect and humility.

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3. How the actor leads women towards stages.

If Hollywood has Chris Evans, we have Shah Rukh Khan. The way SRK is seen helping Hema Malini off of her carriage and towards the center stage, in this award function is beyond endearing. The actor is often seen leading women onto stages by offering his hand in the most well-mannered way possible. And while yes, that’s a bare minimum, we love that he thinks of being courteous at all times.

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4. The way he shows his respect for older people.

Shah Rukh Khan almost always touches the feet of senior actors and older people to show his respect for them. And it is heartwarming, to say the least.

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In this video, you can see him hugging his driver before entering the airport and also greeting the security officer before finally heading inside. He’s just spreading love, everywhere he goes!
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6. How he is with children.

I get it, not all of us know how to talk to little kids. But maybe we can learn something from Shah Rukh Khan. I mean, look at how gently he’s speaking to his son AbRam! (Because how a person treats kids is also a pretty big sign of just how well-mannered they are.)

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If you have any other moments you can recall, where SRK has been nothing but good manners, tell us in the comments section below.