After travelling the world and being called ‘the king of Bollywood’, Shah Rukh Khan is both a star and a guy-next-door who came from a middle-class family. And no one has had or could have a better sense of both. 

Whether it’s his interviews, or just witty tweets and conversation with fans, there’s one thing that’s clear — you cannot take dilli out of SRK, no matter where he goes. And well, that’s pretty much why we, Delhi people, have all the attitude – humare yahan ka hai ladka.


This Delhi energy is partly the reason why we love to hear him speak:

1. When he had the perfect comeback for an eager fan. 

I mean, fair enough — shoot toh hone do!

2. When he had just the ways to make journalists feel at ease. 

During an interview, some journalists were sitting down, given how cameras were placed. So, one reporter started explaining SRK that they’re not laid back — there’s a reason for them sitting down. And SRK was like, “I find them very cool.”

Main kehta hoon, laet ke kar lo press conference, aaj kal tum logo ki hi chal rahi hai.

3. When he was so proud of his hair. Dilli and boasting go hand in hand.

But then, we’re all obsessed with his zulfein.

4. When he wanted to start an association to ‘help the gaalis‘.

If you live in Delhi, you know, not a day passes by without hearing someone abuse — it can be directed at you or someone else. But it happens. So in his podcast with AIB, Shah Rukh Khan mentioned how he’s saddened to see the way people spell, when they’re abusing him. He just wants us to respect and believe in our gaalis.

Twitter ke upar capital letters mein gaali matt do. Maza nahi aata, asli mein do, mere saamne aao. They’ve reduced gaalis to nothing.

5. When he taunted a fan, like moms do. 

Someone on Twitter asked him, “kuchh urdu mein sher sunao.” But SRK, didn’t want to take a lot of demands, so he had to say ‘no’ in a creative way. Just a typical Delhi thing – like we refuse to let someone drive on a one-way street, without actually saying it. 

6. When SRK said that he was part of a ‘gang’ on David Letterman’s show.

He mentioned how he was part of a gang in school, and they had to wear white shirts with a ‘C’ written on it. See! He exuberates Delhi vibes, everywhere, all the time!


7. And then he dissed all of America with just one sentence… 


8. When he was self-aware about his charm.

This attitude, right here, courses through our veins. 


9. When he made fun of the boycott trend – it was another time, same trend. 

It was like listening to a friend talk about results over momos, there’s hardly any fear. That dekhi jayegi attitude.

Actually, sometimes it is good, agar picture utni na chale jitna aap samjhte the, toh ek excuse mil jata hai ki social boycott hua tha isliye nahi chali.

10. When his love for Butter Chicken went to a different space. 

Just Koffee With Karan things.

He’s a living embodiment of “tu jaanta nahi main kaun hoon”.