At this point, SRK is an emotion. All we want is, to hear him speak, or watch him spread his arms – and we turn into a blushing ball of all these happy emotions. Over the years, his Koffee With Karan appearances have left us star-struck, and I could totally binge them all at once. 

All his KWK episodes are witty, philosophical and just as entertaining. Of course, only ‘the king’ can do it all, and these moments are proof of it:

1. When he talked about how box-office numbers do not define his work. Name a better artist, we’ll wait.

2. When he dissed KJo’s work in front of him. On national television. Again, who else can?

3. When he made a Butter Chicken recipe sound erotic. What is it that he can’t do?

4. When he knew that he was a better (read: the best) actor. I swear, this star energy gives goosebumps.

5. When he also knew how NOT to take himself seriously. 

6. When he gave his reason for not dating Deepika or Sonam, while being his witty self, as usual.

7. When he talked about his friendship with Kajol, and we all turned into a mush. Almost cried.

8. When he coined a new word, nah, philosophy on the couch. The king gets it. 

How many times is too many times, for a re-binge?