Boycotting upcoming high-budgeted movies has become a trend. But it’s not recent, it’s been so for years now. While actors like Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu, etc have been called arrogant for their comments on this trend, King Khan is as humble and witty as ever in an old video resurfaced on this topic. 

Actually, sometimes it is good…agar picture utni na chale jitna aap samjhte the, toh ek excuse mil jata hai…yeh excuse hai…social boycott hua tha isliye nahi chali… but dil behlane ko ghalib khayal accha hai ki picture achi thi woh social boycott hua

-Shah Rukh Khan

When the host asked him about the boycott wind, Shah Rukh wittingly replied, “Badbol nahi bol raha par hawa se thodi naa hilne wala hoon yaar.” He also added that the love he has received in this country, there are very few people who have experienced that kind of love, and that’s totally true. 

…iss desh mein, Bharat mein, jitna pyaar mujhe kiya jaata hai, main yeh danke ki chot par bol sakta hoon, bahut kam logon ko kiya gaya hai. Aur woh pyaar ek baat se yah do cheezo se…sahi galat log samjhte hai…I don’t think that has affected me or my film or will ever affect me or my film

-Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan is aware that the audience loves him and one or two films are not going to change their love for him. When it comes to Shah Rukh Khan, it’s not just his acting that we love, it’s the persona he creates, his intellect, his wit, his eloquence, everything – and few films are never going to change that. 

The internet loved how he tackled the topic and is in love with him more than ever. 

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