In 2021, we've seen some great web series take over our screens. These shows empowered women and brought up issues that have never been discussed before. Here are some of our favourite moments that made a difference and stayed with us long after:

1. This scene in Family Man 2 when Suchi reminded Srikant that doing the bare minimum for his home is not something he deserves to be applauded for. 

2. When Bombay Begums shed light on miscarriage and menopause, in a way that no Indian web series every had. 

3. When Bombay Begums showed Fatima's struggle with accepting her body after being unable to conceive a child. 

4. When Rani taught her stepdaughter that her life should not revolve around a man. 

5. When Peeplika perfectly captures Astha's life with this line in The Married Woman, reflecting on the fact that Astha needs to come to terms with their relationship. 

Source: Zee5

6. When Rani in Maharani is looked down upon for being an uneducated woman and she gives this befitting reply. 

7. When we saw Ananya rescue people despite being nervous and scared herself. Her character in Mumbai Diaries 26/11 was so brave and inspiring as we saw her go from being feeble to taking charge of the operation. 

Which moment resounded with you?