There’s no doubt that our desi films are known for their heartfelt plotlines and warm characters. From romancing in the midst of snow-capped mountains to having a long vacation on the riverside, these movies have been setting some dreamy love goals, over the period of years.

While some characters from these movies showcased an open announcement of their love, there were a handful of others that never said the three magical words and yet, etched their love in our hearts, forever.

Here are some of those wholesome couples, take a look.

Credits: Netflix

1. Veer & Zaara – Veer Zaara

There’s no chance that we talk about love and don’t mention this duo, right? From developing feelings for each other without confessing it to having no choice but to let each other go, this pair left us with nothing but buckets of tears.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

2. Amol & Shivani – Life In A Metro

This duo taught us the true definition of love has no boundaries or age restrictions. There’s nothing more calming than reuniting with the right person, even if one has to wait for more than four decades for it. This unconventional couple, who desired to spend their last few years in each other’s arms without tags or commitments, is nothing but commendable.

Credits: Netflix

3. Siddharth & Tara – Dil Chahta Hai

From the first scene to the last, this duo was never cliche. These two individuals, who were strong and independent, instantly clicked. Even though this duo never confessed their love for each other in words, their adoration was clear throughout the entire movie.

Credits: Netflix

4. Saajan & Ila – The Lunchbox

Sometimes, love can’t be defined with words, especially if blooms under the thick dark clouds of societal barriers. This duo, who never confessed their love with solid words, fell in love with each other through heartfelt letters. Even though they were poles apart, their love was unadulterated and not inflicted by judgment.

Credits: IMDb

5. Aman & Naina – Kal Ho Naa Ho

From being annoying and pokey neighbours to deeply falling for each other, this movie gave us the most legendary lovers of all time. So much so, that this movie remains a classic even nineteen years after its release. In the end, without confessing their love, they gave us the most epic climaxes of all time.

Credits: Netflix

6. Jai & Aditi – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

From being pole-apart friends to falling deeply in love with each other, this duo has to be our favourite. Yes, they were nothing more than ‘best friends’ but still had that warm feeling for each other throughout the movie. However, it’s the climax that makes us cry with wide smiles all over our faces.

Credits: Netflix

7. Arjun & Ganga – Pardes

This duo was never anything more than friends – yet, shared a simple and strong bond. There’s no doubt that our hearts swell with love and calm each time they appeared together on the screen and that speaks volumes about their bond and friendship.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

8. Daljeet & Sue – Rang De Basanti

Two individuals, living in different parts of the world, meeting by luck and falling hopelessly in love. How does that sound? Yes, dreamy. This duo, which isn’t considered as iconic as several other pairs, complemented each other’s presence from the very first scene of the movie without any tags.

Credits: Netflix

Sometimes, you have to let the eyes talk.