Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from Money Heist, Season 5, Part 1. 

The first part of the final season of Money Heist finally released. Exciting, and most definitely dramatic, the show had enough scenes that reminded us that the phenomenon of Money Heist is coming to an end. Scenes like these:  

1. When Alicia Sierra shoots the Professor, threatening him to reveal the secrets. 

I was doubting the veracity of a 9-month pregnant lady overpowering the Professor, but then Sierra shot him. I still think the action sequence was more dramatic and less logical but, I also thought the Professor always had a back-up… until he didnt’! 

2. When Marseille escapes from right under the Police officers’ noses. 

Yes, the moment that proved the Professor really thought 5 steps ahead. Also, this was when desi Twitter spotted Lord Bobby, or Virat Kohli, depending on how you look at the scene. 

3. When Bogota punches Gandia, while listing his crimes. 

4. When Monica admonishes Denver and Palermo for letting Bogota and Gandia fight. 

Men, ruining plans, since forever. *Sigh*

5. When Monica kills Arturo. 

He so had it coming! 

6. When Tokyo reveals why she chose Tokyo as her codename.

7. When Tokyo bids adieu to the Professor. 

8. When Tokyo smiles her signature smirk, right at the end. 

Can’t wait for the finale! 

All images are screenshots from Netflix.