2021 has been quite the year. Though it was much better than last year, we’ve all had our fair share of roadblocks. One thing that did make this year easier, is good entertainment. A lot of us have had to navigate work from home, and home automatically becomes 10 times better when there are a good couple shows to binge on.

Which is why we thought of compiling a list of the best international shows and movies that came our way in 2021. So just sit back, relax and scroll through the list to take your pick and watch.

1. Squid Game

From memes about the iconic red light, green light scene to seeing and loving Indian actor Anupam Tripathi in the show, we’ve come a long way. Clearly, Squid Game is one of the best shows currently!

2. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is the perfect teen rom-com show. What with Devi being a typical Indian teenage girl who’s just starting to get a taste of what dating looks like, while also understanding her relationship with her mother and herself. 

3. Red Notice

Red Notice stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot and revolves around an FBI profiler and an infamous art thief who end up having to team up together to catch another criminal. Can you guess who’s playing who in the film? 

4. Don’t Look Up

 Don’t Look Up is a comedy film showing two astronomers who are on a spree to warn the world against a dangerous comet making it’s way towards earth. What’s so funny about that you ask? Well, no one really cares about the potential catastrophe. 

5. Sex Education – Season 2

Do we even need to introduce this show to anyone? The famous teen show is one of the wittiest ones on the block currently. What with all the healthy and uninhibited conversation around sex. 

6. La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) Part 5 

This show is literally the moment, at the moment. All Money Heist  fans had been waiting for the fifth season to come out, and now that it has, the excitement from all over the world can quite literally be felt.


7. Vincenzo

If you like mafia movies, then this one is one that you may not be able to ever get over. The show is about a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who is an absolute thrill to watch. 

8. D.P

If you love yourself some Korean shows, then D.P is it. The series shows the story of a young private on an assignment to capture army deserters. 

If this list was an Instagram reel it would have the audio ‘Good soup!’ behind it.