While the app may be banned in many countries, it doesn’t take much time for TikTok to pick up on hottest trends and send them over to the other platforms of social media. So, whether it amplifies an already trending topic or creates a fresh new one, TikTok has brought several huge fads to the forefront throughout 2022.

Which is why we’re compiled a list of them for you to read through. Here, take a look:

1. Vabbing

Vabbing became a hugely talked about practice on TikTok this year. It is a combination of two words, vagina and dabbing and it’s when a person uses their vaginal secretion and discharge as a perfume.

The reason that many TikTok influencers were raving about this practice was because they claimed it helps in attracting more romantic/sexual partners because of the pheromones present in our bodily fluids. And naturally, the trend raised some serious questions about a) how hygienic it was and b) how effective it really was.

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Credit: Vabbing

2. Phubbing

Phubbing: The act of snubbing or ignoring a person in exchange for a scroll on your phone. Though the topic has been researched and talked about before, a large amount of TikTok videos about it surged this year. Which finally made a lot of mainstream publications ask what “Phubbing” is!

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Credit: Khaleej Times

3. It’s called “Seggs” now

It’s no secret that the internet creates new terms every year. But because TikTok influencers have had to maneuver around moderation rules, they’ve created a whole new lingo that is now being used on Instagram, etc.

So, sex is being spelled as “seggs” now and is being widely substituted and used in reels and other forms of video online.

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Credit: Pinterest

4. Damp lifestyle

The most recent trend TikTok users have introduced to the world is “Damp lifestyle.” Which basically means drinking in moderation, as opposed to quitting it altogether. So, choosing to cut back on your alcohol consumption and being conscious of how often, when, and how much you drink! I am sure this existed long before TikTok began talking about it but glad that it’s a popular lifestyle choice now.

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Credit: New York Post

5. Whipping makeup like food

Okay, I know this sounds like a little too much. And maybe it is! But it might be interesting for makeup enthusiasts.

According to this trend, you whip foundation and water together, with a handheld milk frother. It’s supposed to make your skin look flawless. But it’s also quite an impractical and time-consuming task so we don’t blame you if you give it a hard pass!

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Credit: OK! Magazine

6. “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle”

It may not amuse you to find out that this TikTok trend is a music trend. BUT, it’s worth mentioning that Louis Theroux’s rap “My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle” is definitely one of the most popular music tracks to have been danced to this year!

Documentary-maker Louis Theroux had created the rap way back in 2000, but it was picked up by Manchester-based duo Duke & Jones earlier this year and turned into an autotuned song. Which, by the way, received 80 million views!

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Credit: YouTube

7. Skin cycling

Approved by dermatologists, skin cycling is another skincare trend that took over TikTok this year. Apparently, it involves using potent and active skincare products on certain days of the week and then taking a break from them for the next couple of days.

So, essentially it’s like a workout for your skin! You go all out, and then have a rest period.

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Credit: Washington Post

8. Crying makeup

The “Crying makeup” trend is basically doing your makeup in a way where you look like you’ve cried. It seems TikTok users have caught a fancy for the “glow” and “sheen” your face gets right after tears have washed over it.

Usually I’m quite curious and even enthusiastic about internet fads, but this trend seems a little problematic. I mean, we don’t want to glamorize being sad, do we?

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Credit: YouTube

Every year, the internet changes the world in the strangest ways ever!