For Indians, especially those living on a staple diet of Bollywood songs, music is synonymous to either loud and groovy party numbers or the typical heartbreak songs part of almost every Hindi movie. But never did we find ourselves complaining, until Rock On!! released 11 years ago, and we finally understood what we’d been missing all our lives!  

Here was a brilliant movie, inspiring us to follow our dreams in the most rocking (pun intended) way possible. Rock On!! gave Bollywood a taste of actual rock music, something we weren’t used to before. For the first time, there was a mainstream Hindi movie about a rock band and with actual rock music in it. The struggle by Magik (the band in the movie) to stay alive was something that many rock musicians from India could relate to. 

For an audience obsessed with the typical Bollywood tracks, Rock On!! changed the rules, for good. 11 years on and we still can’t stop jamming to its tracks. And above all, the movie gave us Farhan Akhtar, the singer!

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane with the glorious music that this movie gave us.

1. Socha Hai

There are times when we all find ourselves dwelling on mundane things which aren’t relevant in the longer scheme of things. This song, on the other hand, gave us a bunch of new questions to ask, in the most hip way possible. Ever wondered why the sky is neela or what is roshni? The video transports you back to the ever-rocking college days when a whole lot of bands would perform during the fest, with frenzied crowds charged with the spirit of music!

Listen to the song here.


2. Pichle Saat Dino Mein

This is by far the best sing-along rock song that mainstream Indian music has ever seen! With its extraordinarily cool lyrics and easy tune, this song became a youth anthem. An over-excited Farhan Akhtar jumping around the stage, while the crowd bursts into “na na na na“, this song became goals for every aspiring college rock band!

Listen to the song here.


3. Rock On!!

The title track very energetically laid down the essence of the movie. It told us to live on and rock on, because we’ve got only one life. It celebrated the spirit of youth and beautifully so! It still remains an instant source of energy every time I’m low and demotivated.

Listen to the song here.


4. Ye Tumhari Meri Baatein 

This one didn’t quite fit the rock music genre but was an instant hit nevertheless. It’s soulful lyrics and melodious tune provided a magical background score to the actor’s changing lives in the movie. Unlike the typical Bollywood love songs, this one was layered with different meanings and a wonderful execution.

Listen to the song here.


5. Tum Ho Toh

The song begins with a moving prelude by Farhan Akhtar for his long-lost friend Arjun Rampal. A perfect ode to friendship backed by a heartfelt harmony and Akhtar’s passionate singing, Tum Ho Toh redefined the concept of patch-ups amongst friends. It still remains the go-to song for goosebumps!

Listen to the song here.


6. Sindbad The Sailor

Farhan absolutely killed it wit his husky voice in this number. We see the return of Arjun Rampal in this song with a mind blowing guitar solo, followed by a huge applause from the crowd. Disguised in the story of Sindbad The Sailor, the song unfolded the movie’s theme by telling us all to keep dreaming and working towards achieving them!

Listen to the song here.


7. Phir Dekhiye

The perfect ending to a perfect story, Phir Dekhiye was all about the feels. In spite of breaking away from the genre of rock, this song beautifully summed up the story of Magik for us. Or should we say, that it kept the Magik alive!

Listen to the song here.


Thanks a lot, Rock On!!