If you grew up as a teenager in the 2000s, you probably saw really bad representations of love and romance on Indian TV. These couples were supposed to be romantic, and we believed them to be. But now, as adults, we can’t believe we ignored the red flags and thought these couples were actually in love:

1. Riddhima & Armaan – Dill Mill Gayye

As soon as you think of this duo, Asmaani Rang Ho starts playing in the background. But honestly, these two were anything but romantic. Armaan constantly pulled Riddhima into secluded corners and tried to trap her between his arms between duties, despite her saying no again and again. Excuse me? She’s supposed to be saving lives. Not to mention his temper tantrums and those fights in the basketball court. They were never really good for each other. 


2. Sujal & Kashish – Kahiin to Hoga

There was something so wrong with the way ‘independent’ women were portrayed in the 2000s. Kashish, for example, is shown to be a strong woman but when she is about to get engaged to the wrong man, she keeps mum. Not to mention, Sujal, who didn’t believe in communication and would rather try driving off a cliff than talking to Kashish about his feelings. These two were so problematic. 


3. Jassi & Armaan – Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin

Not only does the whole remove-her-glasses-to-make-her-pretty storyline feel wrong, but the love story between these two was quite murky. First things first, Armaan had a girlfriend who was a big bully and traumatised Jassi. Second, Armaan didn’t recognise the girl he loved, just because she is now pretty? While compared to the rest on this list, these two had some good moments, but we would rather just have a normal ‘conventionally ugly’ girl end up with the guy instead. 


4. Geet & Maan – Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi

This show was the OG Kabir Singh, with Maan constantly insulting and belittling his secretary – Geet, who he eventually falls in love with. There were so many scenes, where you’d just want to call both of them out for their toxic behaviour, especially when Maan got to know that Geet was pregnant. 


5. Piya & Abhay – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani 

This desi Twilight was a truck load of red flags. Piya is obviously attracted to a 200-year-old vampire, who stares at her intensely and saves her life multiple times. This show was supposed to be a love story but honestly, we should have been scandalised instead. 


6. Samrat & Gunjan – Miley Jab Hum Tum

This show heavily relied on the he-annoys-you-because-he-loves-you trope and now as adults, we know it isn’t the healthiest thing to promote. 


7. Naina and Rajveer – Left Right Left

Yes, this show was fun and we’ll always look back at it fondly. But Naina and Rajveer’s relationship, in hindsight, was so inappropriate. And they were never really nice to each other, there was just a lot of yelling and uncomfortable eye contact in public settings. 

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8. Anurag & Prerna – Kasautii Zindagii Kay

This show single-handedly scarred an entire generation, and also made us believe that anyone you love will not trust you, wait for you or be loyal to you. Whatever these two had, was definitely not love. 

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9. Dhruv & Jiya – Shararat

Apart from the fact that Jiya did use magic on Dhruv, which was… not consensual to say the least. Jiya was also constantly fighting for Dhruv’s attention and was so insecure about Pam, proving that their relationship was less than ideal. 


Did we miss any?