Young Saif Ali Khan was a whole mood and nobody can deny it. These interviews are proof that this actor in his 20s was the sassy, funny and downright had zero-fucks-to-give, which was exactly what we needed. 

1. When he called his interviewers robots? And where’s the lie?

2. When Prince Saif did this after a long bitching session. 

3. When he hijacked Preity Zinta’s interview and neither of them had any fucks to give. 

4. Just this because it is so damn relatable!

5. Saif taking long pauses to ponder and pout between interviews. 

6. Really need to know what this conversation was about

7. When he cleaned Amrita Singh’s lipstick and gave us the funniest expression after

8. When he said ‘yeh koi umar hai?’ and we all went SAME

9. When this boy went from fried egg and toast to lassi

Which is your favourite Saif?