Pankaj Tripathi is not just one of the most phenomenal actors of our time, but also an incredibly honest and humble star, who approaches every role, no matter the length, with the same amount of dedication. 

A brilliant actor, who exudes warmth and sincerity on-screen and off-screen, here is a look at all the times Pankaj Tripathi was too pure for this world: 

1. When he made it clear, even before he had met his wife, that he would never take dowry in marriage. 

2. When he dismissed sexist opinions, openly stating that yes, men should express emotions. 

In Neelesh Mishra’s Slow Interview series, Pankaj Tripathi stated that being compared to women for being emotional was nothing to be ashamed about. 

3. When he proudly shared that his wife was the ‘man of the house’ during his phase as a struggling actor. 

4. When he said that he will never do a role/scene that requires abusing children. 

In an interview with Rajeev Masand, for his Class Act series, Pankaj Tripathi shared the only role he would say no for. 

5. When he talked about not having an ‘entourage’. 

In an interview with Anupama Chopra, for FC Unfiltered, Pankaj Tripathi talked about how he even treats cooking like acting, what he feels about being a ‘scene-stealer’, and his idea about having an entourage. 

6. When he talked about how he and his wife are partners. 

During the 2019 Goafest, Pankaj Tripathi actually got emotional when talking about how his wife supported him during his struggle phase. 

7. When he took to cricket to explain how small roles can leave a big impact. 

8. When he talked about how his teachers at NSD have continued to influence and improve his performances. 

Pankaj Tripathi’s, who has always expressed his gratitude for his teachers and co-stars, shared how his NSD teachers have shaped his performances in an interview for Rajya Sabha TV’s Guftagoo. 

9. When he talked about how, preparing for a character is momentary, but preparing for an actor is a job of a lifetime. 

10. When he simply stated that it wasn’t fame, religion, or class that made you better, but the continuous ‘fight to be a better person’. 

Truly, they don’t make men like him anymore!