Bollywood has produced classical gems that one can go back and watch time and again. But just like the two sides of a coin- there are good movies and movies that are downright bad. We found netizens talking about Bollywood movies so atrocious that they left the theatre midway. In case you do not remember some of the movies listed here, you should thank your stars!

1. “Humshakals. Idk why the f*** my parents thought it’d be good.” – Pandeyji04


2. “Love story 2050… :(” – marvelpeanutbutter

love story 2050
India Today

3. “I can’t recall the name of the movie but it had the Sheila ki Jawaani song.” – NoJudge1453

India TV

4. “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I left when they started recreating scenes from Yash Raj movies. What the heck was even going on! I walked to a park with my tub of popcorn and probably had a better time than those who stayed.” – fangerdanger

Bollywood Hungama

5. “Kya Kool Hai Hum 3. I was meeting my friends after a long time so we decided to go for a comedy. 40 mins in, I decided I am never watching sex comedies again.” – suppressingh

Indian Express

6. “36 China Town.” – latenitehero


7. “Aakash Vani, the worst piece of garbage I’ve come across.” – amanderrated


8. “Ishq Vishk. I was may have been 13-14, and I went with my parents. My dad got super annoyed with the movie and made us go home.” – pttrusha

Mumbai Mirror

9. “Deewanapan, starring Arjun Rampal and Dia Mirza. I skipped the movie post interval and spent time chatting with my friends, sipping chai in the single screen movie theatre parking lot.” – twisted_knight07


10. “RGV ki Aag (Sholay remake!! So bad 🤮).” – Artistic-Occasion757


11. “Tashan. The movie is so ass, I slept in the first half (I never sleep in the movies) and walked out in the second half.” – Darshan-Raj


12. “Race 2. That was the last Bollywood movie I watched in a theater and I swore that , never in my life, I’ll ever watch a Bollywood movie in a theater. I don’t regret my decision till now.” – Honest-Mess-812


13. “फटा poster निकला हेरो (Phata Poster Nikla Hero)… I bunked my school to watch it… Left during the interval…” – moldavitepixels


14. “Chingari. I have never left the theater for anything else. I have even watched a Chinese movie with unknown actors called City War in theater fully. But Chingari is a different level shit.” – SrN_007


15. “KGF 2. I knew it was trash but I just gave into the hype.” – mohan_ish


Tell us which movies left you feeling the same way.