When work gets taxing, it becomes a good idea to catch a moment of respite. Such is the news coming from Bollywood’s perfectionist, the actor-producer Aamir Khan.

Reportedly, after devoting the last 35 years to the film industry, Aamir has announced a 1.5-year-long break from acting to spend quality time with family. This comes after his film, Laal Singh Chaddha, recorded poor box office numbers.

Aamir Khan acting break

In a chat session at his childhood friend’s event in the national capital, Aamir revealed he was supposed to begin prepping for his next project, Champions.

He said, “When I am doing a film as an actor, I get so lost in that, that nothing else happens in my life, which is why I decided to take a break. I was supposed to do a film called ‘Champions’ after ‘Laal Singh….’ It’s a wonderful script, a beautiful story. It’s a very heartwarming and lovely film, but I want to take a break. I want to be with my family, my mom, and my kids.”

Aamir Khan producer Champions
India Times

Aamir would continue working for Champions in the capacity of a producer. He said he will be reaching out to other actors to check if they are interested in the role he was supposed to be playing. The actor further shared that he has been unfair to his loved ones in his ‘single-minded’ focus on his career.

He added, “I feel like I have been working for 35 years, and I have been single-mindedly focused on my work… And I feel it’s unfair to the people close to me. It’s not fair to me also in many ways. This is the time for me… to experience life differently.” 

aamir khan career break
Hindustan Times

It’d be the first time Aamir would not be working as an actor. He shared that he’s at a stage in life where he yearns to enjoy his relationships.

Champions will be co-produced by Aamir Khan Productions, Sony Pictures International Productions, India, and 200NotOut Productions.