Masaba Masaba, the show with real-life mom and daughter Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta as protagonists, is going to feature on Netflix this Friday. 

In the lead up to that, the streaming website released a groovy new song: Aunty kisko bola be and it shows our forever favourite Neena Gupta in all her power and glory. 


Neena challenges the usage of ‘Aunty’ –  term which has become a synonym for ‘uncool’ over the years. 

And would you look at her!


In what Netflix pitched as a ‘PSA from Neena’, starts with the streaming star Mithila Palkar calling her ‘aunty’. 


And the coolest woman on the web just shatters all the stereotypes in one go. This is how the lyrics of the song go:

Choli ke peeche mera dil abhi shola be. Bina soche samjhe tune muh kyun khole be? Arey aunty kisko bola be? 

Neena is not the one to be messed with. You can watch the song here: