The lockdown turned most of us into reluctant cooks, crying our way through kitchen ingredients, eating anything we managed to not burn. 

This is exactly why, comedian Abhishek Upmanyu’s YouTube ‘cooking tutorial’ on making khichdi is the lesson you don’t need, but you’ll certainly relate to. 

Abhishek begins by explaining the ingredients required in making khichdi. Some are standard ingredients you expect any cooking video to have, like rice, ghee, salt, etc. 

And then some ingredients you only expect Upmanyu to list, like bhookh, mouth and neck. 

He then proceeds to take us step by step through the cooking process, with extremely precise instructions on the quantity of ingredients to be used. For example, ‘thodi aur haldi’, and ‘zyada se kam namak’. 

As the dish continues to come to a boil, Upmanyu discusses the origin and facts about khichdi, before proceeding to explain the tadka

Like any millennial cook, he knows the mantra of identifying ingredients – why name it, when you can explain it! 

At the end of it all, right before the tasting begins, he leaves the viewers with a very important lesson. 

You can watch the complete ‘tutorial’ here: 

All images are screenshots from the video, unless specified otherwise.