There are many ways to get married. By accident is not one of them… unless of course, you’re getting married in a Hindi movie or TV show. 

At least that’s what happened in this video from a TV show, that Twitter user Shayon Malik shared online. 

From what I could make sense of (not an easy task, will be listing this on my performance review form), the guy’s kurta accidentally brushes against the open box of sindoor on the table and holds some of the sindoor


*I mean my kurta can’t even hold on to the embroidery for more than a day but sure, we’ll accept this.*

Anyway, next thing you know, he brushes his hair, the sindoor falls on the girl’s forehead, and voila, shaadi mubarak. Of course, Kumar Sanu plays in the background. 


(Thinking back to all the times I ended up as the Scarlet Witch after Holi. Am I going to be persecuted for polygamy?) 

Well, I’m not sure of the couple, but Twitterati sure “celebrated” this accidental union: 

Indian society: Live in sindoor, not sin! (Yeah yeah, I know, no one is dropping sindoor on me and my lame jokes anytime soon).