There was no one who didn’t (read couldn’t) get hooked to the theme song of Scam 1992. The powerful beats, the style of the music and the tune that spoke “risk se ishq hai“, as it unveiled the mastermind behind the biggest bank scam, the theme even made me feel like I am a hukum ka ikka

And now, Achint Thakkar, the mastermind behind the theme song, has come up with a brilliant piece that we won’t get enough of anytime soon. Rocket Boys, the scientific biographical drama about Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, the two prominent scientists of our country, blessed us with yet another of Achint’s compositions.

The theme song starts with a dash of nostalgia that drives us towards exploring what the rest of the song holds. As we move further into it, strong beats of ambition, passion and a zeal that screams, “main kucch karna chahata hoon“, reflect the journey that Bhabha and Sarabhai go on in the show. 


You can easily make out by listening to the title track that it is composed by Achint Thakkar, as the emotion that spills when you listen to it is a work of genius. And as genius=Achint, you know.


I love the vintage twist that Achint has given to the theme track, which goes perfectly well with the vibe of the late modern era of Bhabha and Sarabhai. The classic Indian undertone gives you goosebumps, as you pride in being a citizen of the country that Bhabha and Sarabhai were from.

Hindustan Times

Achint’s compositions not only create the perfect setting as the story unfurls but also leave a long-lasting impression on one’s mind. And that’s how you create intrigue and excitement in the human brain. Wait, Achint Thakkar, have you studied human psychology?


You can listen to the track here:

I vibed to Scam 1992’s theme track for a year, and I think I’ll keep replaying the music of Rocket Boys in my mind until Sony Liv comes up with another show with Achint.