Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for To All the Boys: Always and Forever. Proceed with caution.

Yes, To All the Boys: Always and Forever is sappy; what about it? Look, we are all for belief-questioning romance dramas, the Before Midnight(s) and the Marriage Story(s), but it doesn’t hurt to go back to simple and cute teenage love stories once in a while.

Especially during the month of love (or whatever GenZ calls it these days). The point is, the movie is predictable but it’s a perfect tension-free watch on Valentine’s Day, thanks to its many super adorable moments. Here are some of them.

1. Peter and Lara Jean trying to make their temporary long-distance relationship work with the cutest video calls.

3. When Lara tells Peter what a meet-cute means (more on this later).

4. When Peter watches a movie with earphones on, carefully holding Lara who falls asleep while lying on him (*cries*).

5. When Lara Jean’s father finds love again and proposes to her for marriage.

6. When Peter paints his jeep and screams Lara’s name to celebrate her admission into her dream college.

7. When he asks her out for senior prom.

8. When they see New York for the first time and fall in love with it.

9. When Lara finds “our song”.

10. When she asks Peter out for a bowling date.

11. When Peter sees Lara dressed up for the prom…

…And has no words to describe how beautiful she looks.

13. When they have THE DANCE.

14. When Peter reveals that they did, in fact, have a meet cute.

15. And how he felt in that moment. 

16. When all problems are solved and Peter and Jean confess their love to each other again.

Cute, cute, cute.