All of us remember the little boy named Amit who charged at people for not wearing a mask on the streets of Dharamshala. It was endearing to see him so earnest about COVID safety.


Innocently, the 5-year-old questioned visitors regarding their masks, and dumbfounded, people, didn’t have any response. 


Caputured on camera, the video soon went viral and garnered attention of people across the country. 

According to Hindustan Times, Amit was also made the mascot for coronavirus protocol by the local police. Not just that, to appreciate and encourage him, help came from all directions. 

Aaj Tak

As it turns out, Amit who sells balloons to support his parents was recently gifted a pair of shoes by a Twitter user. 

A person named Akanksha Kapoor came forward to his aid and also thanked him for his dutiful act. 

Akanksha Kapoor also plans to help Amit achieve his dream of joining the police force. 

Obviously, Twitter was impressed by this and this is what Twitterati had to say. 

Reportedly, Amit and his brothers were also given Pahari caps and some snacks. An elderly couple also gifted him some clothes. 

Hindustan Times

Such acts should be promoted because they teach us a lesson for life.