After Watching 'Without Remorse' We Took The Ultimate Quiz To See If We'd Make A Badass Navy SEAL

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You know what’s the best part about being a kid? Our wild imaginations. From playing detectives with the magnifying glass we’d find in the medicine box, to sneaking away our dad’s helmet to be an astronaut for the afternoon. Our worlds only expanded. And the more television we watched, and books we read, all we wanted to do was be those extraordinarily cool people we’d see and read about!  

I grew up reading thriller novels. The good versus the bad, spy agent books that would transport me to another world. And I always wondered, do I have it in me to be a badass Navy SEAL like the ones I read in Tom Clancy’s universe?!  

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to find out that Tom Clancy’s book, ‘Without Remorse’ has been made into a movie, streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. But the question still stuck, so I created a quiz! I got my result, why don’t you get yours and find out if you have it in you to be a badass Navy SEAL like the legendary John Kelly.   

1. How did you fare in fights while growing up? 

2. How much can you sacrifice for the better good?

3. How are you in a crisis situation? 

4. Can you navigate even when there's no sun or visible stars?

5. How far can you run before you need to stop?

6. Can you keep a secret?

7. How good are you at languages?

Now, while you're reeling from your results, don't forget to check out the trailer to the movie down below! Put on your combat boots and get ready to deep dive into the world 'Without Remorse' only on Amazon Prime Video


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