In an effort to spice things up for you, there’s an app that will make oohs and aahs conversations with you and might also give you happy moans in the end. Yeah, sexting is the most erotic form of conversation, and if done right lets you climax!

A Twitter user named Uncledoomer shared how Replikaai, an artificial intelligence app can be used for sexting.

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Here have a look, they’re using wojaks memes to promote this product:

The claims to be your AL best friend, and their bio reads:

Replika is your personal AI friend that’s always there for you! Create your Replika & get to know yourself better today!

The post went viral, and Tweeples have a lot to say about this app. Someone also pointed out how Replika was advertised to help you with your mental health.

Honestly, WTF is this?

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