If you, like me, secretly stalk Manav Kaul on Instagram, you’ll know that he teleports you to a poetic world unlike any other. And his filmography, too, is a reflection of who he is in real life.

While the young generation is consumed by ferocious passion, his flirtatious gazes have rekindled old school romance in the contemporary scenario.

In Ajeeb Dastaans’ Ankahi, Kaul’s phenomenal expressions in dialogue-free sequences with Shefali Shah conveyed what even the most powerful dialogues fail to.  

He wears his heart on his sleeve and outpours emotions in just a few glances that fill you with hope.

You feel the pain when his heart breaks, which is perhaps a testimony of how brilliantly he lives his characters.

Moving on, we recently saw him work his magic as superstar Manish Khanna in The Fame Game.

Although The Fame Game fell short of tying up all the loose ends, Manav Kaul and Madhuri Dixit’s magnetic chemistry had our hearts racing.

When everything seems to be falling apart and you need that breath of fresh air that gives you sukoon, Kaul’s character serves the exact purpose in the show.

You don’t realise it, but you’re head over heels for him every time you see him effortlessly rule your screen.

And how can we not talk about him mysteriously switching roles? He shifts from being a Romeo to a crime suspect with such finesse that you can’t help but bow down to his talent.

Perfection is abstract, but if it had a face, Manav Kaul’s would be it.

All images are screenshots from Netflix.