Akshay Kumar is a fitness freak. We all know that. That man, even at the age he is at, looks fitter than boys half his age.

Source: India Tv

Well, it turns out, his fans are extremely fit as well. Case in point, Parbat, a man from Gujarat's Dwarka, a die-hard fan of the actor, walked about 900 km in 18 days to meet the star at his residence in Mumbai. 

Source: One news page

According to reports, he walked about 50-55 km every day to meet his hero. 

Source: News18

Kumar posted a video on Twitter of him meeting the die-hard fan. 

The actor also shared a picture of the fan alongside him and wrote: 

It’s always great to meet you all and I’m grateful for all the love you give me but a request to please not do these things...focus your time, energy and resources in bettering your life, that’ll make me the happiest. Wishing Parbat all the very best. 

Parbat, in the video, says that he knew that the star would be at home on Sunday and so he had planned the trip accordingly. He even braved Mumbai's rain to be able to meet Kumar on the given day. 

That is some commitment, isn't it?