Alia Bhatt made quite a stellar debut in Bollywood with “Student Of The Year.” And then she appeared on Koffee With Karan. The rest ,as we all know, is history.

A single rapid-fire G.K round was all it took to cement her image as a brainless bimbette. She didn’t know what B.J.P stands for and confused the Chief Minister of Maharashtra with the President of India. Predictably, the internet ripped her apart. She became the butt of hundreds of jokes, memes and Facebook Parody Pages.

But it seems like we’ll finally have to stop making fun of her. Because she just made fun of herself. She paired up with All India Bakchod and made this hysterical mockumentary  lampooning her own stupidity and her attempts at correcting it.

Watch out for special guest appearances by a jealous and bitchy Parineeti Chopra , “Gareebon Ka Wolverine” Arjun Kapoor and the “Faraday Faraday” song. Enjoy!