NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are all the rage nowadays, with some of the past decade’s most popular memes selling for massive amounts. Now, a Bollywood star has joined the bandwagon.

Hindustan Times

Amitabh Bachchan will be the first to roll out his NFT collection through, an NFT platform that works with major brands, celebrities and Athletes from South East Asia. is a partnership between Rhiti Entertainment and the world’s leading Decentralized No Code NFT Exchange Platform – Commenting on the partnership, Bachchan said, 

“I have joined Rhiti Entertainment Pte Ltd – Singapore and will be launching NFT’s soon on the platform. basically makes it easy for credit card and digital payment users to buy NFTs and carry out transactions as well as trade it in auctions. Thus, it’s accessible to both people who are tech savvy as well as non-crypto users.

The platform empowers artists and brands to create financial value for their work. It also manages entire transactions such as receiving payments, transfer of NFTs, settlements and swaps securely. 

Saurav Banerjee, Co-founder, Rhiti Entertainment & MyyTake said, 

NFT is the future, the centralized marketplaces have gained quite a lot of traction throughout this year making it an extremely profitable for artists, celebrities, sportsmen and differentiated content creators.