Recently there was yet another star-studded Bollywood party that was hungrily devoured by half the nation’s youth as if they were starving children and it was the last grain of rice. Cause obviously B-town extravaganzas are more important than mindless matters like climate change and the global economy.

But one peculiar detail caught many an eye on Reddit. Take a look at Ananya Panday’s drink:


Speaking of starving children, does Ananya Panday really want us to believe she got hungry and dumped some aloo bhujiya in her cocktail?

We get it. In a country like India, stars, let alone young female stars cannot be vocal about drinking. If they were, they would be the victim of the seething wrath of the population who would mercilessly skin them alive. So you cover the glass. But I want to know what was going on in the mind of the intern that decided to photoshop aloo bhujiya of all things onto the glass? Why aloo bhujiya dude? That’s some weird ass cravings. 

Fellow Redditors were equally puzzled by this:

I want one of whatever she’s having because the drink better be strong enough for Ananya to not realize how weird this is.

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