Is this weather getting you down? Are you sniffling and coughing your way through the week, surrounded by an ever-increasing mountain of tissues? Well, if you’re missing your unblocked nostrils and generally having a good time, here’s the best alcoholic drink for sore throat and cough that makes your existence just a little more palatable.

Note: It goes without saying, that you shouldn’t go overboard with these, and stick to 1-2 glasses max. Any more and you’ll just be weakening your immune system.


1. Hot Toddy

You gotta start with the most common, and perhaps the most effective. Pour hot water onto whisky (or brandy), layer in some honey, and if your throat’s extra scratchy, add a dash of lemon juice, ground cloves, ground nutmeg and a cinnamon stick for garnish. And scene!

Hot Toddy best drink for sore throat and cough

2. Pepper Ginger Cider

The drink with a name so arousing you almost don’t want to say it in public. Start by heating up a mix of 2 parts apple cider to 1 part bourbon in a saucepan, add in some ginger liqueur, a bit of lemon juice and garnish with a sprinkling of fresh black pepper.

Pepper Ginger Cider best drink for sore throat and cough

3. Tequila blanco, lemon and salt

Blanco tequilas are aged for less than two months, and have a real raw, gobsmacking agave flavour which can almost shock your throat and nose into a temporary recovery. Rim your shot glass with salt, add a dash of lemon juice and knock this baby back – it’ll clear your sinuses and probably make you forget you had a cold in the first place.

Tequila blanco, lemon and salt best drink for sore throat and cough

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4. Mulled Wine

The classic glögi. Heat your red wine in a saucepan, add oranges or lemons, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, cardamom, some honey if you want it sweet and a dash of brandy. Simmer (don’t boil) for 15 minutes and you’re good to go.

Mulled Wine best drink for sore throat and cough

5. Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee

This is one of the most delicious concoctions on the list. Heat up 1 1/2 parts white rum, 1 part dark chocolate, 1 part strong espresso coffee and 3/4 part fine sugar, stir until the mixture boils and then let it cool for around 3 minutes. Garnish with a scatter of chilli flakes and you’ve got a drink for the ages.

Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee best drink for sore throat and cough

6. The Penicillin

Muddle fresh ginger in a shaker, add blended scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup and a wee bit of ice. Shake it like you mean it, and fine strain into a rocks glass. This truly is a wonder drug, hence the moniker.

The Penicillin best drink for sore throat and cough

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7. White Whisky and Orange Juice

White Whisky can clear up your sinuses in a jiffy, and it just so happens that it goes great with vitamin C stuffed orange juice. Together, it’s a combination that obviously won’t cure you, but it’ll relieve a lot of the symptoms.

White Whisky and Orange Juice best drink for sore throat and cough

8. Hot Gin Punch

If a bunch of you are feeling the blues together, whip up a bowl of this feel-good nectar. Mix in equal parts gin and port wine, some lemon juice, pineapple chunks, orange slices, honey, cloves, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon and brown sugar. Simmer on low heat in a saucepan for about 20 minutes and watch your buddies’ collective sighs turn into collective highs.

Hot Gin Punch best drink for sore throat and cough

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9. Hot Buttered Rum

A drink straight out of an adult Harry Potter novel, this is made with dark rum, boiling water, butter, ginger, cinnamon and sugar. Learn to make this deliciously boozy drink here.

10. Old Irish Cure

One of the most ancient remedies from the kings of drinking themselves. Whip up a glass of whiskey, dark rum, fresh lemon juice, ginger juice, honey, some apple brandy if available and apple slices to garnish.

Old Irish Cure best drink for sore throat and cough

11. Gaelic Punch

Another one from the Irish, this one’s got the goods. Muddle lemon zest and sugar, add boiling water, Irish whisky and garnish with nutmeg. Your throat is gonna be doing an Irish jig after this libation. 

Gaelic Punch best drink for sore throat and cough

12. Berry Rum Tea

Ain’t nothin’ better than a mix of herbal tea and liquid sunshine. Brew a bag of berry-flavored herbal tea, add white rum, lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Then lay back and gently float into the daze.

Berry Rum Tea best drink for sore throat and cough

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13. Jagermeister

No fancy shakers or mixers here, just regular old Jaeger. It’s made from 56 different herbs and spices, and can work wonder for relief from a sore throat, cough and cold. Just don’t go overboard.

Jagermeister best drink for sore throat and cough

14. Cumin and Cognac

Make a mix of cognac and jeera and take a spoon every 15-30 minutes. It’ll help soothe your throat within 3-4 hours, plus maybe give you a nice, manageable buzz while you’re at it.

Cumin and Cognac best drink for sore throat and cough

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15. Green Amber

Add vodka, single malt scotch whisky, honey syrup, lemon juice and brewed green tea into a tall Collins glass. Stir gently and sip with style, god knows you could use some.

Green Amber best drink for sore throat and cough

In all probability, these concoctions will have you saying au revoir to your influenza. And if they don’t, you should hit up a doc, like, pronto. Cheers!

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