You think desi ttharra is a weird drink? Think again. Read this list of bizarre drinks from all over the world and let reality hit you in the face. Not passing any judgment here. Just saying that the world is a weird place. That’s all.

1. Deer Penis Wine

Quite a hit among Chinese sports medicine enthusiasts, the deer penis wine is said to have healing properties. That explains why it was banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They also say it enhances “male sexual power”. So the next time you visit some baba for some gupt rog cure and it doesn’t work out, you know what to do.


2. Peruvian Frog Juice

Take a live frog native to Lake Titicaca in Peru, bash it against a hard surface to make it go unconscious or even kill it, make two incisions in the belly of the frog, skin it like husking corn, blend it with hot bean broth, honey, aloe vera, and maca (an Andean root also believed to boost stamina and sex drive). Once strained, the result is a starchy, milkshake-like liquid that stings the throat. Don’t complain about the stinging sensation – like seriously, what did you expect?


3. Liquid Smoking

Yes, getting rid of a habit of smoking isn’t the easiest thing to do. So back in 2008, they launched ‘Liquid Smoking’ in UK, which claimed that it could shoo away your smoking itch within one to four hours. Allegedly, for a brief moment, it was quite popular in Netherlands. Go figure.


4. BustUp Drink

Pueraria mirifica or Kwao Krua is a traditional Oriental ingredient that claims to fix a plethora of “womanly problems” ranging from curing menopausal night sweats to tightening vaginas. Now, Kinohimitsu Japan’s BustUp Drink purports to enlarge breasts without surgical methods or medication using the same ingredient. Quite a cupful indeed.


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5. Panda Dung Tea

Apparently, pandas absorb less than 30 percent of the nutrition from their food (bamboo), and that the remaining 70% of the nutrients is passed out in their feces, making tea grown in panda poo really delicious and full of nutrients.


6. Cow “Water”

For a long time, Hindus have worshiped cows for their life-sustaining dairy products, but Ayurvedic tradition also claims that cow urine can be used to cure ailments ranging from liver complaints to diabetes and cancer. No wonder, some Hindu groups are trying to prescribe ‘cow water’ as a alternative to soft drinks.

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7. Bird’s Nest Drink

Instead of using twigs, some species of birds regurgitate their saliva to create a thick adhesive to build their nests. Traditional Chinese healers believe that these next walls, when ground to fine powder form, can serve as immunity boosters. Welcome, Bird’s Nest Drink.


8. Pig Placenta Drink

For those who don’t know this, the placenta is a uterine organ attached to babies of mammals that supplies it with essential nutrients from the mother’s body. After birth, the placenta is immediately cut off or torn. Some believe that ingesting the placenta is really good for the body. They claim it increases the mother’s energy, her capacity to produce breast milk and even counter postpartum depression. So they marketed the Pig Placenta drink which let you enjoy these benefits without having to go through the trouble of childbirth.


9. Saliva Wine

Chicha, as it is popularly called, might look like just another ordinary drink but don’t be fooled. The makers chew the maize and cover it in their saliva to break down the starch. Once that’s done, they put it in warm water and let it ferment. And that, children, is how you get saliva wine.


10. Perspiration by Jones Soda

They might have made this for a hardcore Collector’s Edition pack, but Jones Soda’s Perspiration flavoured soft drink could not be ignored for this list. They even have individual players’ “flavours”. There’s no “i” in team, son. Yep, there’s none in “yuck” either, coach.


11. Gilpin Family Whisky – Elderly Diabetics Urine Drink

When you purchase a bottle of Gilpin Family Whisky, the number on it does not denote the age of the bottle but that of the elderly diabetic volunteer whose sugar-rich urine was used brew this bad boy. Cheers!


12. Three Lizard Liquor

Take three live lizards, put them in a container filled with 75 proof alcohol and seal it tight. Lizards and geckos give out heat energy, which is apparently good for health. And there you have – the famous three lizard liquor.


13. Cobra Blood and Bile

Arrack is a traditional Indonesian alcoholic drink . When you mix Cobra blood and bile to it, it turns into a medicinal drink that helps with respiratory problems, increasing stamina and sex drive, mostly in men. So the next time Russel Peters says ‘be a man’, you know what to do.


14. Bull Testicle Beer

It started as an April Fool’s joke, by promoting bull testicle-flavoured beer in a spoof video. But, on receiving a huge response, Wynkoop Brewing Company finally decided to create what is now a local favourite in Colorado. Sliced pieces of deep-fried bull testicles are added to 7 specialty malts, local malts, roasted barley, Styrian Goldings hops and sea salt, to create a slightly viscous beer with depths of flavour and finish.


15. Horse Semen Shots

Green Man Pub in New Zealand is known to host events where they offer shots of horse jizz in different flavours including apple, cherry and even banofee pie (Whaaaaat!). Add that to your. And don’t forget to capture the… erm… money shot.