When Sriram Raghavan shared the story of a ‘blind’ guy in Andhadhun, he opened the eyes of an entire nation to what makes good cinema. And even today, that climactic ending is hard to forget. 

This is why we decided to explore a few alternate endings for the film: 

*Spoilers Ahead*

1. The one where Akash hasn’t actually lost his eyesight, and Sophie discovers the truth. 

Okay, so let’s start with the most common speculation – that Akash was able to gain his eyesight again. A fact proved by his cane, with a rabbit handle, and the precision with which he struck the can at the end. Though Sophie initially believes his story, her instinct says otherwise – slowly she discovers the truth and exposes Akash for lying about being blind, yet again. He loses the fame he acquired. 

2. The one where Akash dupes Sophie, yet again. 

Akash has, indeed, regained his eyesight and is back to deceiving people, including Sophie. He weaves the whole tale of how Simi left him blind and nearly dead, just to make Sophie fall in love with him again. Once Sophie begins to love and trust him again, he figures out a way to act as if he has regained his eyesight (Baadshah did it first!) and Sophie is none the wiser. Though watching Radhika Apte be played for a fool is not exactly the best ending, is it? 

3. Akash actually loses his eyesight. 

So going against the popular consensus is this ending, where Akash’s precision strike of the can is just a lucky strike, and nothing more. And his cane with a rabbit handle is a mere coincidence, purposely included to mess with the audience. A blind Akash realizes the importance of being true to his self, and his loved ones, and woos Sophie again. He also continues to explore and excel at his craft, becoming one of the most renowned piano artists. 

4. Simi doesn’t die. 

So yes, in Akash’s version Simi dies when the car exploded but let’s be honest, Akash’s propensity to lie is well-known. Thus in this ending, when Akash is on his way, after lying to Sophie about being blind, Simi re-emerges and kills Akash, for leaving her to die, and possibly stealing her eyes. While definitely a far more sinister end than the original, it does fit in line with Simi’s ‘killer’ instinct. 

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5. Sophie and Akash continue their lives, independently.  

Perhaps the most realistic of all endings, here, except for that one fateful encounter in Kraków, Sophie and Akash never cross paths again. Sophie continues to live her life, thinking Akash may or may not have reformed, but he is still not worth the trouble. While Akash is just grateful to never meet someone from his past life again. 

6. Akash and Dr. Swami actually kill Simi.

Akash uses a mix of lies and half-truths when telling Sophie of his fate. In reality, he does not develop a conscience. Rather, he and Dr. Swami actually kill Simi. Dr. Swami uses her corneas to help Akash regain his eyesight while trading the rest of her organs in the black market. Akash and Dr. Swami split the money, and Akash pursues his dream of becoming a global piano artist. He also continues to pretend to be blind, to brush off any suspicion. 

7. Akash never lost his eyesight in the first place. 

The film ends with an explainer flashback where Akash was blind only temporarily, till the effects of the drug wore off. The effects wear off during his car ride and he realizes that he does not need to get involved in a murder to regain his eyesight. He is happy to get off at the bus stop when he sees Simi return behind the steering wheel and thus, continues the pretense that he is blind and wants to spare her life, just so she may spare his. This is also why he is able to see the rabbit cause the car accident. He counts himself lucky to have escaped the situation relatively unscathed but continues to pretend to be blind. 

8. It’s the start of a sequel. 

We see not just Sophie return, but also Daani – remember her? It’s okay, looks like Raghavan forgot her too. But Daani is Pramod Sinha’s daughter and Simi’s step-daughter, who, as per Akash’s story, is an orphan. Perhaps in search of the truth of how her father actually died, she ends up meeting Akash again. Now, whether it turns into a revenge saga or not, only a sequel (and the director) can tell. Yes, I admit that perhaps this is the most unrealistic ending of all, but I’d definitely sign up for this story. Would you?

Do you agree with any of these endings, or would you rather stick to the original? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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