To be honest, innumerable thoughts were emerging in my head while watching Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal. From wanting to leave the theatre within the first 30 minutes to squirming while watching the overtly violent scenes with my bare eyes, it was nothing short of a three-hour-long torture.

The one thought that I kept having throughout the movie was that many scenes seemed not entirely original, and I wasn’t completely wrong. Some individuals suggest that several problematic scenes from this movie are ‘hugely inspired’ by a bunch of other movies. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look down below and decide for yourself!

In a thread, a user, who goes by @ImpressivePhase5763, mentioned some scenes that seem to be replicated from the iconic crime-drama, The Godfather.

1. In Animal, Ranvijay’s (Ranbir Kapoor) brother-in-law, Varun (Siddhant Karnick), was involved in killing his father, Balbir (Anil Kapoor). In The Godfather, Michael Corleone’s (Al Pacino) brother-in-law was involved in killing his father, Vito (Marlon Brando).

2. In Animal, Ranvijay’s sister, Reet (Saloni Batra), finds out that he killed her husband and she starts beating him – which is the same reaction when Michael’s sister finds out he killed her husband.

3. In Animal, Ranvijay confesses to a father about his crimes in church for his wife and in The Godfather, Michael confesses to a father about his crimes in his old age to find solace.

4. In Animal, Ranvijay is sent away from home after he brings a gun to school and in The Godfather, Michael is sent away from home after he kills Virgil Sollozzo (Al Lettieri).

5. In Animal, PK Mishra (Shakti Kapoor) was identical to The Godfather‘s Peter Clemenza (Richard Castellano). However, the only difference is that the former didn’t wanna separate from the family as the latter did.

6. In Animal, Balbir has an in-house office and takes meetings from there sometimes like Vito did in The Godfather.

7. Ranvijay told his sister that he sits on his father’s seat in his office now in Animal and in The Godfather, Michael sits on his father’s seat in his office after he takes over.

8. Geetanjali (Rashmika Mandanna), in Animal, asks for a divorce and Ranvijay denies and gets angry. In The Godfather, Kay (Diane Keaton) asks for a divorce from Michael and he rejects the idea of it by getting angry similarly. 

9. In Animal, Ranvijay tells his sister that he can find a nice boy for him and in The Godfather, Michael tells his sister he can find her a nice husband after she gets involved with bad men after her husband’s death.

10. The user also suggested that the entire airplane sex scene seems to be copied from Fifty Shades Of Grey.

11. The user mentioned that the black-and-white sequences, to depict Ranvijay’s future self, are copied from Oppenheimer.

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12. Apart from this, a few users on the internet also suggested that some scenes from the movie are also copied from Midsummer, Oldboy, Marriage Story and Scarface.

Well, there’s an uncanny resemblance between these movies that we can’t deny!

Please note that all images are taken from the trailer of the movie.