Disclaimer: There are spoilers from the show ahead!

There are some shows and movies that bring instant comfort to us. From Rishi’s boy-next-door charm in Mismatched to Chandler’s sarcastic one-liners in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, there are a number of feel-good shows and characters that make you smile every single time you watch them. And one latest addition to our comfort list is SonyLIV’s Gullak.

Revolving around the quirks of a typical middle-class family, this show is nothing but purely entertaining. In the midst of all the new releases coming out every other day, this highly-relatable show has a brilliant starcast and a nostalgic soundtrack. The show keeps its viewers glued to their screens, thanks to its original storyline and hilarious dialogues.

Even though every character of this slice-of-life show is written and portrayed brilliantly, there’s one character that has been stealing the show and it’s Mishra pariwaar ka bada beta, Anand ‘Annu’ Mishra. 


Portrayed by Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Annu Mishra is one of our favourite characters from the show. From his sweet and sour relationship with his younger brother to his dedication towards his work, he has time and again proved his loyalty.

From being an irresponsible kid in the house in the first two seasons of the show to helping his brother with his school fees and his father with hospital bills, Annu Mishra grew up in the third season.

With the dreams of providing a better life for his family, he opted and studied for clearing a government entrance exam. However, his dreams didn’t go as planned. In fact, he was often seen complaining about homemade food to his mother.

From laughing when his brother was scolded by their parents to keeping his secrets about his career choices and suspension, Annu has been a brother every younger sibling deserves. He understood how it’s a piece of difficult news to break to their middle-class parents and hence, acted maturely. So much so, he even bribed the pandit ji.

After hustling for a job in the entire second season, just like everyone, he wanted to party on receiving his first salary. However, he happily kept his plans aside for his younger brother and paid his school fees after his parents expressed their financial difficulties. After all, he is ghar ka bada beta.


In the show, where nothing is permanent except the nok-jhok, the banter between two typical middle-class brothers is the best part. From giving his younger one a katora-cut instead of burgundy highlights to promising his family to take them to Thailand, Annu Mishra, again, grew up.


When his father was battling for his life after a minor heart attack, he scooped his father in his arms and took him to the hospital. Not only did he take care of his medical bills, but also gave emotional support to his family.


Just like everyone else in the show, Annu Mishra is one of the strongest pillars of the family and we whole-heartedly love him.

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