If you’re an animal lover who has watched Amazon Prime Video’s nail-biting, crime-drama Paatal Lok, we’re sure that you must have hit pause every time there was a furball in the frame, just to gush over how adorable they are. 


And as an animal lover you’d also happen to know that with most of the restaurants shut and lack of locals in public places, stray animals are the worst hit during this lockdown. 

But don’t worry, a fellow animal activist who also happens to be the producer of Paatal Lok-– Anushka Sharma has got you covered with a list of NGOs that you can collaborate with to help the strays in need. 

In a heartwarming post, Anushka Sharma paid a tribute to all the good boys and girls who were spotted in in Paatal Lok. In fact, she urged people to lend their support to the strays. 

If you loved the furballs in Paatal Lok, here’s how you can support many other adorable stray animals like them: 

1. Animal Aid United 

Based in Udaipur, Animal Aid United works towards saving and rescuing stray animals. With an aim to treat all living beings with compassion and love, they also spread awareness and education about the welfare of stray animals. 

Click here to know more and save a life. 

2. Thane SPCA

With a shelter that provides urgent medical services, this Thane-based organisation works towards treating sick and injured stray animals with medical aid and relief. They’re also involved in the rehabilitation of stray animals.


Click here to know more and save a life.  


A Mumbai based organisation that aims to rescue, rehabilitate and provide a temporary foster care to the wild animals who’re in need of immediate medical treatment. RAWW ensures that the animals have recovered before releasing them into their natural habitat. This organisations main mission is to work towards the urban wild-life conservation and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts.  

Click here to know more and save a life. 

4. Save Our Strays

Working towards the healthcare and welfare of the stray animals, this organisation primarily focuses on sterilisation. They also look after the adoption of stray animals.  

Click here to know more and save a life. 

5. Awaaz Voice of Stray Animals

This Mumbai-based organisation is currently working towards building a trauma center and a permeant shelter for the welfare of blind and paralyzed cats and dogs. Currently feeding stray animals, they have started a fundraiser on Ketto. 

Click here to know more and save a life. 

Let us not forget the most important life lesson Paatal Lok has taught us: 

Help an adorable furball and save lives. They need us now more than ever.