Anupam Kher is as uninhibited as it gets. Be it his approach to acting, his thoughts on political events or his routine life in general, Anupam Kher is the in-your-face kinda guy and he couldn’t care less about it. And talking about ‘in your face’, we are reminded of his Instagram account which is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Here’s what Kher recently posted on his Instagram account:


I know right!

The thing here is, I am all for fitness but this, my friend, is taking it a whole new level! This is not even about fitness anymore! This looks like a non-suggestive ad for a hair removal cream minus Katrina Kaif. In fact, it looks like a zillion other things that I might just not be able to express in words. 

So we just photoshopped him and made him whatever he wanted to be:


As your trainer says, you are indeed getting there, Mr Anupam! 

Design credit: Utkarsh Tyagi