TV show Anupamaa has been the talk of the town ever since it came out. The series has consistently and continuously brought up topics surrounding gender roles and sexism and how these things play out in traditional family systems. In fact, its most recent episode has stirred up quite the conversation among netizens, as well. 

For weeks on end, the plotline has predominantly been about the love that has been brewing between Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna). And they’re finally all set to get married, because Anupamaa publicly accepted Anuj’s proposal.

But what is causing an uproar among the audience, currently, is how Anupamaa handled her family’s disapproval over her decision to remarry.

Anupamaa has finally taken a stand for her decision to get married to Anuj, and it hasn’t been an easy journey. Her mother-in-law, Leela Shah (played by Alpana Buch) has been a strong opposer of the idea. 

The series has brought up the taboo of second marriages in our society by showing this face off between Anupamaa and her family. 

But her stance on the importance women having the right to make their own life decisions has netizens clapping and frankly, a little shook. 

Anupamaa has finally, and in a major way, taken the reigns of her life in to her own hands. She has taken her power back by choosing love and marriage again, despite being a woman in a society that constantly discourages the entire notion. She has shown us that the decision to get married again, is no one else’s, but our own. And our community, society or even family has no say in it whatsoever. 

As you can imagine, the janta has a lot to say about this huge moment. Everyone is celebrating Anupamaa for taking a stand in the situation like an absolute boss. 

Not only was I waiting for her to stand up to the entire family, but the show is clearly setting an example for a lot of women everywhere.