People have lauded Anupamaa, time and again, for its attempt of bringing up important conversations in the daily soap scene in India. And, we’re all for that, because it’s almost impossible to find a TV show that makes sense. While Anupamaa was trying to do things right, it missed a mark in its conversation about teenage relationships. Which, for starters, shouldn’t be as dramatic as we’re all used to. But, more on that later. 

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In recent episodes of the show, Anupamaa’s daughter Pakhi develops a soft-corner for a newly-entered character, Adhik. And, things get ugly soon. They both admit to liking each other’s company, and so, end up talking a lot – as normal humans do. During a family function, they’re ‘caught’ (yes, that’s what the episode title read) while spending time with each other in a room to talk. 

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And like any other desi show, they end up making a dramatic scene out of it, with the typical ‘dhoom tana’ background score and slow-mo reactions. Later, during the scene with the entire extended family, Pakhi and Adhik, who are the ones involved aren’t allowed to speak, while everyone else has an opinion. Of course, daily soaps have a huge impact on families who watch them, and this is exactly what a Redditor pointed out. 

Is anyone else being lectured at home concurrent to the Pakhi storyline in Anupamaa? It was more in a humorous way so I let it go, but imagine the side-eyed glare that parents would be giving their daughters after that, lol. I know, I got one.
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In the show, the protagonist (also the mother), makes some valid points but ends up lecturing the daughter on how no one can trust her to make decisions. And the fact that she doesn’t have a future plan, which is all unrelated. Other characters make it worse, by asking them to stop contacting each other. For a desi family who consumes such shows, this will end up making them more paranoid about relationships or dating. Not like, our society is open to the idea, anyway. 

The Redditor also mentioned how TV shows end up portraying teenagers specifically girls, as lost and unreasonable. And this is problematic on so many levels. 

I don’t get how TV serials like this demonize teen relationships, with the guy definitely being a predator. And how poorly they’ve written Pakhi’s character as naive and irresponsible. TV serials just don’t get teen girls right, do they?

When it comes to dating, our society already believes that ‘we’re influenced by the west’, as if there’s no such concept as attraction or hormones, or just plain feelings. Parents who are watching the show will end up forming an image that teenagers should always be under surveillance. And this Redditor’s rant is quite relatable for kids who grew up in a similar environment.

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It’s literally one step forward and two steps back with this show. Also note, that it’s currently considered the most progressive daily soap on Indian television.